SoE Sold to Zapak?

Rumor or truth? Make of it what you will, this is what was flying around the Vanguard channels at 1am.

Info here, and here, and then of course an official word from Smedley himself, here.

It’s interesting how these things get started.

Then of course all the wonderful blogs picked it up (I went to bed.. Telon is wearing me out!) so be sure to read more details on the whole thing here, and here and here too, just to name a few of the regulars that I read.

2 Responses to SoE Sold to Zapak?

  1. ashi says:

    zapak is already India’s largest gaming company. it wont be long before itacquires some international player and become the world’s largest gaming company.

  2. wargoo says:

    phew! i freaked out when i saw this feed this morning. thank god John (CEO of SEO) has come out and said it is a bad/untrue rumor. they are just dipping in the indian gaming market. he goes on to say SOE is NOT for sale and is unsure how this rumor got out.

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