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Decided to dive back into EQ2 for a short bit today, I don’t have any intentions of leaving or anything, but it’s been a nice break to play Vanguard. I’ve got two level 80 adventurers in EQ2 as well as 4 level 80 crafters and I’m just bored in general. VG is free (for the time being) so my time admittedly is still spent there a lot. Anyhow.

Got a group to go to VoES (Vault of Eternal Sleep) which is the easiest (and shortest) of all the T8 instances. Had Shadowgeist tanking (woot!) and two wizards, a templar (who mostly dps’d) myself, and a 75 monk. Zone was fast and easy, templar won everything (only three legendary chests, and his bp dropped + two pieces of junk) so it was a meh run. On the plus side Arysh finished off that fabled necklace piece (that she won’t use) so I can transmute it. Free T8 transmutable items are always good.

Goudia also tagged along for the x2 dino kill in Fens of Nathsar, who is much like the x2 dragon in that zone. He has one nasty trauma AoE that goes off a few times, can be ranged. Other then that, it wasn’t too difficult. We had a full 2 person raid, 4 healers (three in the MT grp) Shadowgeist tanked it — we each made a pretty penny from the kill (the contested both drop 13p each or so) and a legendary – that’s right, legendary – chest. It dropped a piercing weapon that was scout / guardian / zerker only, and we only had two scouts, both bards. Goudia won the roll for it (it was tradeable, but also an upgrade) so she’s running around with her new dildo poker. Go look at the graphic for “Trakanasaur’s Tooth” and you’ll understand what I mean. I’ll see if I can snag a screen shot of it another time.

Other then that, I’m not really sure what I want to do / what there is to do in EQ2. Aside from raids, and mindlessly grinding quests, what’s left? Decorating? Working (yet another) crafter to 80? Leveling (more) alts? Who knows.

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  1. Borgio says:

    Vaults is a good laugh indeed, what with all the traps that you can fall into, as Mrs Borgio tends to do a lot of the time! Having massive MMO withdrawal at the moment as my dads PC is stuck firmly in the dark ages and cant drag itself together to run EQ2, or Vanguard with any discernable speed at this point in time, I swear I was even lagging pretty hard at EQLive!!

    Ah well looks like ill be hooking up with you some time after the holiday period. Hopefully where I can tank some more wonders in EQ2. Try the other instances too, they are always game for a good giggle!!

    Rock on!

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