Exploring Around Telon and Three Rivers


It’s been a long time since I’ve played my Blood Mage, and although not a whole lot has changed with the class itself, I was still rusty. Make that very rusty. Especially since she’s only wearing level 10 or so crafted gear. I decided to head to Thestra (which is fairly populated might I add) and headed to Three Rivers, which was filled with low level quests for me to do (that also rewarded some pretty good coin and some lower level gear that was better then what I was wearing). I had fun wandering around. Came across one quest where I had to capture a few halflings and dwarves in bags, then dump them into the river. Unfortunately afterwards the quest giver wanted me to dive back in and find their corpses, and bring them back to him in a bag. Gross.

His ‘assistant’ also wanted some sap, citrine, sapphire, and ruby (being the ultra rare one) that rewarded me with a face piece (great since I didn’t have one). I have just over a gold and a half now, so the money isn’t exactly flying in (I know I could make a lot more from crafting, or selling my harvested items) but for now it’s not bad. Plus I’m getting the hang of my character again. Not exactly a lot of experience, but that wasn’t what I was after. I have to find out where to turn in one of my old missives, an npc named Victor Branson, who’s apparently at Renton Keep – but I’ve been to Renton before in the past, and couldn’t find him. Did a search on google and didn’t get any more information, so when I get back on the 27th I’ll try to hunt him down.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and all that good stuff, no presents yet for me today as my Mom’s holding our family get together tomorrow. I called her this morning and she said we wouldn’t be postponing Christmas any more after today (snickers) at least my cat got to open her presents. She went crazy with them too, it was fun to watch (took some pictures that I’ll post up when I get back). Other then that, hope everyone stays safe. I’m off to pick up my brother and head home to my folks place. Much /hugs.

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