Carving the Roastbeast..


Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope Santa was good. As for myself, well, wow. I got a brand new camera (which was exactly what I asked for) from Shadowgeist, and we’re not just talking your everyday digital camera here, we’re talking an Olympus E-410, 10.0 megapixels of gorgeousness. My folks also gave us a new set of dishes (nice ones, with dark blue insides and black outside in a non-gloss finish) a new set of knives as well (the old block was starting to look a little rough around the edges). We all (myself, my brothers, Shadowgeist) made out like bandits as far as the stockings were concerned too. I also got a very cool dragon statue from my folks, and my Aunt and I did our Christmas Art exchange which was a lot of fun. She painted me a beautiful landscape in blues and whites with some green, a fantasy type setting with a dragon wrapped around the moon. Put my piece to shame, but we both worked really hard on them.

The 20 pound turkey (pictured above, with my Aunt (mom’s sister) on the left and my mom on the right) was delicious, after sitting in brine for two days prior to ensure it would come out nice and juicy. Of course I took enough home that I can probably live off of it for the next month.

The best part (by far) was getting to see everyone. My grandparents on Dad’s side and his sister / husband drove up from a few hours away, and my Nana and Aunt / cousins on mom’s side also drove up. We had a blast just catching up, and that was the most important part. My brother (the youngest one who’s 17) did get guitar hero, which was the hit of the party as we gathered around watching him strum away. Since he plays guitar (very well might I add) in real life, it was exactly what he wanted.

I did get a new headset since the right ear of my previous one broke, very nice logitech series from my brother. Though chances are I won’t be raiding for a while now (long story, lets just say I’m back in my old solo guild).

Game wise, I did make a handful of new alts on Vanguard. I’m still enjoying my time there, and trying to figure out if there is a class ‘just for me’ though no MMO has ever managed to make me think that before. I explored and did lowbie quests on the blood mage that was a lot of fun, then also managed to get a druid to level 8, and a psi to level 12. My warrior is also at level 12, and I started a rogue just for fun (they’re very difficult to solo, or so word on the street says). Aside from making bags, I haven’t been crafting too much, I’d like to get my artificer a few more levels, but who knows.

So again, Happy Holidays to all, and I hope the next year brings nothing but happiness and great gaming!

Oh, P.S. One of the least enjoyed activities I have ever done, would have to be – JUST – crawling into bed after a long two days (in my own bed at that) and having the building fire alarm go off. Spent 5 minutes tracking down the cat (who was hiding) another 1 trying to stuff her into the carrier and find some clothes, then trucked down the 11 flights of stairs to wait in the freezing cold (Canada, remember) to find out there was no fire (which was great at least) and waiting 20 more minutes before we could be let back inside. Needless to say Princess hates me right now (that’s the cat.. dur.. )

4 Responses to Carving the Roastbeast..

  1. Ogrebears says:

    That is a huge bird.

  2. MrrX says:

    Here’s a different review of your camera – from the ultimate camera site dpreview. Takes nice pictures all right.

  3. Ardwulf says:

    Glad you had a great holiday (I lust after your digital camera!) I’m also glad you’re having fun in Vanguard – keep up the posting!

    Vanguard is an unusual game for me in that I did not have to fart around trying to find a character that appealed to me – Ardwulf was my first character and he’s the one I’ve pretty much stuck with, even though I have a bunch of alts at all times. I tried EQ2 three times before I found a combination that I liked. There’s a bunch of cool classes in Vanguard and they’re all worth trying, until you find the one you like the best. The Bard and Blood Mage stand out for me as classes with unique mechanics, but I like the Dread Knight as well. And I have a Mordebi Psionicist and a Dwarf Cleric that I’ve fooled with a bit.

  4. Lader says:

    sounds like an altogether good christmas! and c’mon you know you like to stand outside in 50 below weather when youre trying to sleep for no reason :P

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