Leth Nurae, Quests, and other Goodness


Vanguard is finally down for patching today, where they’re removing Randolph’s ability to fly (pouts) and I believe also reducing the bonus exp they had running during the holidays (double pouts). I’ve come to the conclusion that Vanguard is one of those games where you want to focus on one character at a time – if you plan on working all of the spheres. Other wise, you just end up standing at the same level on all three (or more) characters for far too long. So after some contemplating, I’ve decided to (mostly) stick it out with the blood mage. She’s getting re-geared (slowly) as I do gray quests in the mean time. Who wants to play a character that’s got no gear after all. I switched her crafting around from tailor (which would only be able to make bags and light armor – not useful to all of my characters) to artificing, so that I could make things for all of my characters. I also switched to lumberjack as a harvest and quarrying so I can get some gems.

I spent 30 minutes killing stone golem guys around the Three Rivers area yesterday in Thestra, and managed to harvest FOUR rare T2 gems, which was great. I already had one on me, so I can (eventually) make some pretties with them. I’m only level 12 at the moment, so I find everything difficult to make pristine.  I’ll just do those work orders and try to get a few more levels before I want to risk using my rares.  I’m also working on some crafting quests, or trying to at least. I need better gear, I don’t quite understand the whole.. where to put my points thing, and the other tab that lets you lock some skills and decrease / increase others is a bit muddled to me as well. I’ve read the crafting forums but I haven’t made much sense of it yet. I have decreased carpentry since that’s not the line I’ve chosen to go down, and I know that will move my points around for me. I know my ‘shaping’ skill is hurting me right now, but the Kojan market has absolutely nothing for sale, so I’ll have to check out the other continents and see what I can find. I’ve been working on a crafting quest for Tush that gives me two tools and two pieces of orange gear, so I’m excited about that. I need to look up the quests again and see some other fairly simple crafting quests I can do to earn some gear and tools. I know you can get them with the work orders too, but mine have not been rewarding very many useful items like gear (even though I make sure to get B-A quality on them all, I do dark blues).

I did more of the URT (United Races of Thestra) quests yesterday, getting Satia her shoes and shoulders – the gear is level 18 and she’s level 23, but it’s far superior to what I was wearing. I have the pants quest still on me, and I believe I am missing a few. Or maybe they get unlocked as I work them, I’m not certain. I know there is also a level 18-20 set of gear in Qualia that I can quest for, called hunter’s gear I believe? I’ll have to look into that as well. It probably requires a group for most of it or something. Then there’s also these quests that I see people LFG for all the time, called “TK” which I’ve asked the guild about a little. Looks fun. So I’m going to stick it out with the healer (even though there’s a need for tanks as well) and see where I go with her. In the mean time, safe travels, hope everyone else is having a blast too.

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  1. Ardwulf says:

    The chest URT quest, and the weapon one, are up in Shoreline Ruins – the URT reps are along the road that runs along the south edge of the chunk.

  2. João Carlos says:

    Yes, brotherhood is slower. If you have 4 characters, you share your xp by 4, so you will gain only 1/4 normal xp. However, with rest xp you can advance faster using brotherhood. You just need advance the characters that have rest xp, they will share the xp to the other characters and when it complete the rest xp you can change to other character.

  3. stargrace says:

    I had my characters in a brotherhood – but I found that they all leveled up too slow that way so I left it. Maybe I’ll give it another try though, need to find a friend to help me set it up. Should be easy enough.

  4. João Carlos says:

    You can try create a botherhood for all your characters. You will need a friend for help you, the friend will be the brotherhood leader and she will need invite all your characters, one to one, to the brotherhood. Then your friend make one of your characters broherhood’s leader and you can boot your friend out.

    Each time one of your characters gain xp (mob or quest), the xp is shared by all characters. You will advance slowlly, but all your characters will have the same shared xp.

    TK is Tengor(sic) Keep. Very good xp, very bad gear. If you want gear, try Hunter League and Infineum at Qalia.

  5. Mythokia says:

    You? One character? No way!

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