Is That a Pumpkin pie in your Pants?


Screen shot above is my FIRST ever rare piece of Jewelry that I crafted – all by myself! Now, I realize it’s not grade A quality – I’m a level or two shy of being able to get pure goodness on those, but none the less I was impressed and happy that I’d figured out how to do it at all. It starts with a base jewelry piece that’s made out of a simple garnet, then I add a tin sheet (care of Arysh, my weaponsmith. Thank goodness, because there were none on the broker, VG is not crafter friendly it would appear) and I added a uh, rare T2 resource. Carnelian I want to say. Combined it all together, and ta da, that’s what I got.

Now Arysh isn’t quite up to snuff making her tin sheets, so they were B quality, and Satia is missing a lot of points in shaping and reforming for some reason (which I haven’t quite gotten the knack of fixing yet) but hey, I did hit level 14, and I spent most of the day working on WO’s and crafting quests. I got a lot of gear upgrades, learned a few things. I know Tush pretty well now, lots of crafting quests there. Some bigger crafters were talking about uh.. unions or something? I think I’m too small for that (thankfully). Crafting is a world in VG all on its own. If you only have one crafter in fact you may find it difficult. For example, while I can make regular jewelry all on my own – to make upgraded I need tin sheets – which I can’t make. I think most crafts work that way, to make the upgraded versions you need a piece from another craft class. Works for me.

Morras Goldfarn who I was working quests for, happened to stop me as I was walking, and ever so bluntly replied, “Is that a pumpkin pie in your pants?!” ….Seriously, I’m not sure if I was squishing while I walked, or there was some sort of .. scent.. issue, but this boy got a thump on the head for even contemplating it. Though I suppose there are worse things to be compared to then pumpkin pie. I didn’t do any adventuring today at all, and I probably won’t for a little while as I get situated with the crafting. I’d like to get all three of my crafters up to T3, which would match my adventure level. I doubt very highly I’ll have the patience for that though. Minxes (the future leatherworker) is still sitting at level 1 after all. I’d also like to learn the other styles of crafting, as Qualia is int / wis and Satia could benefit from that (right now I’ve got her stocked in vit).

Game crashed twice today randomly to desktop, a small annoyance. The regionsay channels are much the same in pretty much any mmo, 90% of the conversations revolve around WoW and the ‘next big mmo’ that everyone is waiting for, spammers, and lately, politics in the states. Needless to say it doesn’t take long before I just turn them (the channels) off and sigh in relief.

If any bloggers out there want some jewelry pieces made, feel free to send mats my way (materials) I can’t guarantee pristine yet on T2 (I can for T1 though) but I can pull off pristine on most things (so far), give me another level or two and I’ll find it much easier I’m sure. I found 12-14 very hard levels, hopefully the next few are easier. I’m still learning and there’s a lot to take in.

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