First Time Land Owner (woohoo!)


Satia’s first new home, is nestled in the little community of Eastpoint (-20.26). It took me about four hours of flying around (all three continents) to find the perfect spot to build (perfect = cheapest). Plots of land range from 2.5g (which is what this one cost) to 30p (for guild halls). Each continent has a ‘style’ of house that you can build on it. I’ve decided to go with the T4 house, which is a Thestra two story with thatch roof. The Qalia housing is very nice, looks very Arabian, the Kojan houses are very oriental, but they also have no 2.5g plots there.

This is what housing in a game should be like. Never before have I experienced such a wonderful sense of ‘ownership’ as I did when I bought my plot in Vanguard. All those other homes scattered around mine are my neighbors. There’s a crafting area in a cave that can just barely be seen at the bottom left where the white stones are. There’s also a bind point, bank, housing merchant etc just over a huge hill (which I have no idea how to get to once we loose randolph, I think I’ll be swimming it). I also now have three gate spells. One is to my bind point, one is a house recall, and one is a guild headquarters recall.

Once you buy your plot, it’s up to you to decide which sort of house you’d like to start building there. I’ve got the basic frame of mine, and I put down the lotus mortar I needed since it’s vendor sold. Be sure to check your housing guides! There are plenty out there and some of the items you use are vendor sold, you can easily get ripped off if you’re not building the place yourself.

Satia, amid the construction debris. I have no idea when I’ll actually be able to complete this house. If I make it myself, I’ll need to be around level 35 crafter at least in mino – they make the bricks. I can however buy the parts for it on the broker. It looked to be about 60-70g if I were to buy the complete thing on the broker. I’m sitting at about 21g right now, so that’s not too far off in the future if that’s the rout I decide to go. In this type of home I can have a max. of 200 fixtures, and 4 chests. That’s right, a house that lets you actually place items inside of it, in a chest. I’m looking forward to that. Even if the home itself is a little off the beaten path. It’s way NE in Thestra, not exactly close to anything in particular. You won’t see me complaining though.

Satia looking over the plot of land before she buys it. This sign is the indicator that the land is for sale, and they’re hard to find! Most (older) plots are completely sold out. Be careful though, you can lose your house if you don’t pay for the upkeep. I have no idea if the indication of houses is an indication of an active player base but if so, well, it’s going strong. You are only allowed to have ONE house per account per server which makes sense due to the way that housing is set up in this game. I saw a whole lot of 10g houses for sale on Kojan, beautiful lots with purple trees and right close to Martok. You can abandon your house and buy another plot at a later date, but after putting in all that work to build it, why would you.

In order to get my house to 100% construction – I will need:

  • Thestran Limestone Housing Brick (x200)
  • Thestran Travertine Cornerstone (x1)
  • Lotus Mortar (x20)
  • Select Wood Panel (x60)
  • Select Wood Housing Beam (x30)
  • Pyrite Fasteners (x9)
  • Thestran Silkbloom Thatch (x25)
  • Thestran Select Window Pane (x6)

As a crafter, to learn the recipes not only do you need to be of the appropriate tier, but you also need to make them A quality. Anything lower results in needing x2 of the material. So 400 bricks of B quality, etc. You also need to have 2,000 faction with the artisans that you’re learning from. Not too difficult as I’ve been doing WO’s on Satia in Tursh at least. She’s got a long time to go before I can even contemplate making the house (as well as a lot of harvesting for it).

In the mean time, I was so excited to purchase this, I wish EQ2 housing were more along this line. Actually physically being able to see your home among the others, and building it – literally.

7 Responses to First Time Land Owner (woohoo!)

  1. Tipa says:

    I want to have a home in Rivervale in EQ2. My own little hobbithole.

  2. Ogrebears says:

    i went with ogrebears fuzzyback on your server.

  3. Rao says:

    Looks nice so far. That has been one of the difficult adjustments I have found in changing from SWG to EQ2… player housing. The SWG system literally allowed you to place a house on any planet that allowed building. You just had to have the correct housing styles for that particular planet. The houses were made by architects. Once placed, you didn’t actually wait for a building process to complete though. The architects made a completed house deed so you just dropped it. Once it was down, you could put anything in there that you wanted to. If you picked it up, you could drop it in your house. Guilds could also create their own cities complete with banks, shuttleports, and everything else you could find in NPC cities. SWG did a lot of things wrong, but the player housing system was, by far, the most robust I have seen to date. By all indications, it appears the system in Vanguard is pretty well done as well although it reminds me more of Asheron’s Call than SWG.

  4. João Carlos says:

    You just discovered some advantages of a game with no instancing. “Actually physically being able to see your home among the others, and building it – literally.”

    Yes, there are disadvantages. But too there are advantages at have no instancing.

  5. MrrX says:

    Looks neat! Now get that thing built, and make sure it’s a nice pink girly house ! :)

  6. Ogrebears says:

    everytime you talk about vanguard it make me more and more wanting to try it out.. I’m almost thinking about getting the station access thing to get all SoE game so i can play vanguard and play Planet side again… Though since i just paid for eq2 until for 3 more month switching to station access won’t work tell after thous 3 month or something…

  7. Chestone says:

    Very cool, congratulations on the house! Vanguard housing looks so beautiful, but it all sounds pretty rough from a non-crafters perspective.

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