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So I decided to take a break from Vanguard (already), I was feeling a little lonely with a lack of community. I always said I’d be back to EQII as soon as I wasn’t feeling quite so burnt out anyhow. Yesterday I decided that it was time for me to betray my mystic to a defiler. Why? Well, why not? Defilers have some wonderful power management tools, and I betrayed from defiler for a guild to begin with long ago. So why not just play what I want to play.

I decided this time around to do the betrayal quests for Neriak, which are not quite as boring as the ones for Freeport (that I’ve also done countless times). I need +10,000 more faction before I’ll be allowed to actually apply for citizenship – which is the most tedious portion of the betrayal, obtaining the faction you need in the end.

The price of fire emeralds has apparently also come down quite a bit, so I’ll be stocking up on those. Misako (the mystic / defiler) is still only level 70, so I’ve got some adventure levels to catch up. I’m not sure if I’m going to leave her in Neriak, or move her to Gorowyn. Or maybe just put her back in Freeport. I also have an extra stein of the alesmith that she could use, in order to gate to Kylong Plains (dang us non-druid / wizard types!). In the mean time, it’s nice to be talking to old friends again, and yeah, nice to be back playing EQII. I’d probably stick it out with Vanguard if the game was slightly more populated. I still enjoy it a great deal, but hey what can I say, EQII is home.

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  1. martin says:

    Vangaurd population seems ok on halgar lots of ppl at southwatch tk ect…the point will be how many will stay after the free month is over …Its def one of thos games where u need to have a nice guild even if just to chat with ;)
    As for eq2 bought kunark but cant seem to egt into it again and potbs is calling lol:P

  2. Taymar says:

    I have two EQ2 accounts where one is station access. I couldn’t drop one of my accounts – no way! I justify the station access with the character slots (all full) and the adventure packs (well, ok, just splitpaw) and that I have the option of playing other games. I’m waiting to see if they put PotBS on Station Access.

    I’m a bit Kunark faction obsessed at the moment and then FISHING!!!!11!one!!!!1!! in Lord of the Rings which I’m just a little bit excited about. But after that (LOL god, I’m arranging my life around game updates! Help me please!) I would love to give Vanguard another go.

  3. Maitias says:

    I know what you mean, Stargrace, there are times when I see a few players and times when I’m only person around. I tend to solo lots, so I don’t mind… none the less, it was fun chatting with you in VG. I’m still there in the Guild, if you wander back, let me know and we can do some adventuring or something. Maitias/Matthaus

  4. stargrace says:

    I’m on the free trial for VG that they handed out for old subscribers – From December to January 20th.

  5. Zyrtilg says:

    Wouldn’t the price be the same? Station access is 30, then another 15 for your other account… Or are you still on the free trial for VG?

  6. stargrace says:

    Only problem with station access for me Ardwulf – is that I own two EQ2 accounts. One is a dps account (with all my dps’ers as well as high level crafters) and one is a healer account (with all my healers, a few non-pl’d characters, and high level crafters). So if I get station access – I have to drop one of my EQ2 accounts, and how do I choose which one? Well, it would have to be my healer account, since my dps account is tied to VG (since that’s the one I bought the game for). I hate the thought of giving up one of my accounts for a game I’m not sure how often I’ll be playing. I don’t want to pay even more then what I’m paying now.

  7. Ardwulf says:

    The wonderous thing about the StationPass is that you can switch in and out of both EQ2 and Vanguard, and some other games, without changing the way you pay your fees or the amount you have to fork over every month. Best deal in MMOs, by quite a long shot.

    Anyway, glad you’re back in EQ2 – I’ve been playing some this week myself (I’m on AB) and even got dragooned into helping found (and serving as deputy leader of) a new guild. We ran the Dwarven Ringmail Heritage Quest last night, and I was up FAR too late, but it was great fun, and got us a boatload of status.

  8. stargrace says:

    Just lemme know when you play! I’ll wander back. I do love the game, just lonely!

  9. Tipa says:

    Welcome home :) Blogger channel has been lifeless without ya.

    I bought VG but I wonder if there’ll be anyone left playing it I know by the time I get to it :/

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