Korocust fun, and back to crafting


I decided to tag along with Shadowgeist to a Korocust run, mostly because I hadn’t been there since release, in fact I hadn’t even stepped foot in Chardok at all. It’s a zone that’s not used (as was apparent by my group being the only ones even in there). Everyone in the group needs access, so we headed to the bridge and killed the keeper with little trouble. Grabbed the sokokar post that’s right close by so next time I go I can just take the sokokar down. The named drops access for everyone, so eventually maybe we won’t have to keep doing it to catch people up. Not that it requires much work.

The instance itself was quick and easy, with a lock out of three hours. There’s one named (a warden) who can spawn on occasion, and he decided to spawn the first time I was there today. Shadowgeist had been there a good 10 times previous though, and never seen the mob. After we beat him, and collected some bones, it was time to spawn the named at the end, one at a time (by clicking a coffin) which means you can spawn him six times if you go with a full group.

Two legendary drops this time around, though apparently that was a bad run. The necromancer (or wizard was it?) walked away with some new shoes, and Arysh won the shackles of the Shai’Din, which were actually not an upgrade to the Guard of the Fens that she’s already got adorned. Going to be hard to replace those ones, even with the extra wisdom, the + heal amount and ministration as well as higher power and health make them far more appealing to me.

I decided to do some crafting after all that, and managed (so far) to get the carpenter to 32. I’m contemplating heading to Frostfell to do the quests that I’ve yet to get done there, and to craft some of the items – I do have a pile of them, but not an overly large pile, and one never knows what they’ll want furniture wise as time goes on. Hopefully I can get to the next level of box-making shortly, and get the carpenter closer to 40. I figure I’ll work from the lowest crafter to the highest until they’re out of vitality.

Does this mean I’ve given up on Vanguard (again)? Nope. Not at all. I’ll give it some time and keep hoping that when they re-release in April (or so rumor has it) that more people will shift over. I just miss having folks around, and as of yet cross game tells and channels are not working. Maybe I’d have enjoyed it a little more if I could have at least talked to the blog channel as I played.

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  1. Ardwulf says:

    Having in-game people to han, chat and group with is a huge, huge bonus for any MMO, the point of which is, after all, the experience the world with other actual people. This is one reason why EQ2 is just humming along right now.

    I hope my new guildies don’t overtake me while I’m away for a few days! (Scant chance of that, in all seriousness – the highest-level character in the whole gang is 34.)

    I’ll put you on friends in-game when I get back on.

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