Chardok, Korocust, and Mice


Chardok is a beautiful zone, with lots of things that like to squish innocent unsuspecting travelers. I had already managed to wiggle my way into a Court of Korocust group with the druid, snatching up the sokokar posts and some aa, this time I brought the troubador since those are oh-so-much in demand (insert sarcasm here). One legendary dropped, mage shoes that the fury wanted for the high int. The rest was treasured, lots of aa though. It’s slightly annoying to get access for everyone each time we run through but eventually over time everyone will have it, and it won’t be needed.

Again I was surprised at lack of people / groups in the zone, it was empty (again). People rarely enter it would seem, unless they’re making a beeline to the instance. Even that’s only got a three hour reuse timer, so you could spend hours in the zone of Chardok farming the named, and then do the instance a few times in a day if you’re one of those people who have a static group that they play with (like Lader, who decided to do this all Saturday with his guild, they came out with quite a few goodies in the end).

Two major guilds on the server have cleared Veeshan’s Peak now, Eidolon (who were second) and The Bekwen Alliance, congratulations to both of them. A few smaller guilds are still working progression, and others are eagerly awaiting some new content (Kurns Tower anyone?) already. It was amusing in the 70-79 channel last night as folks debated which expansion they thought was coming out next, along with new classes and races. Hard to believe this is already a hit topic when RoK has barely been released for two months and there’s 10 to go if they stick with the one expansion a year plan. There’s speculation on levels, and whether we’ll be going to 85, or 90, or new aa trees. Velious seems to be the agreement as far as expansions go, some people would like to see something completely new that doesn’t follow the EQ1 time line – but then again this is EverQuestII, and Norrath has already been shaped in the previous game, makes it slightly difficult to just add new lands without some sort of explanation in how they got there. Lots of people are eager to see the planes brought back into the game at a fuller extent, and of course there’s the whole ‘we want beastlords’ argument that’s ever raging.

Guild halls, are something people want to see implemented (and soon) as well. One can only imagine the cost that will be involved with something of that magnitude. An option for the smaller guild would be nice too. I know people must be getting tired of using the five room homes for guild halls. Cozy though, right?

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