Hey, what’s down Heeeeerrrrr-splat!


Ever wonder what’s at the bottom of that pit in Korocust? You know the one, with the dead guys way at the bottom that you can target from above? Well, I wanted to get a closer look. I assumed, that you could just jump down, and you’d be able to walk among the dead. Needless to say, I was wrong. You end up going splat in a big way.

So that’s Goudia laying dead on the ground among all her di’zok friends. It’s a good thing this instance is persistent (even though there’s no real need) because your revive point is outside in Chardok. Good thing we all got those sokokar posts, right?

Ishbel got level 71 last night, finished up her Kylong Plains quests. I started questing there with her at 65, so it was nice to get so many levels in such a small zone. Now I’m onto the Fens quests, which I hated with every character and I doubt she’ll be any different. The quest experience also drops drastically. She’s too small to head anywhere else yet though, so I’ll tough it out. I adore having a m1 of her charm, it’s made all the difference in playing a coercer.

A few pets I’ve found that are fantastic, are basically anything that nukes. In Kylong Plain that would have to be the Di’Zok Diviners I found in the scar next to the highton. These little guys are necromancers, so they have their pets, they life tap for 4k+ they DoT for 1.5k AoE, have a spell called Deter that hits for 5k, and cast devastation for a 1.3k tick. They heal themselves with their life taps, and are just wonderful to drag around the zones. In the fens I’ve been charming the little enchanter fish guys down by the water, they have some pretty hefty nukes, and like to mez your mobs for you. Crowd control for the win heh.

Aside from the in game stuff – I’ve been having a blast with my new camera. I’ve been doing photography challenges with my friend Benjamin once a month (or so) and posting artwork and other randomness on my DeviantART site here. I bought a new backpack for the camera, a tripod is next *drools* and maybe a new lens in April when it’s my birthday, a 150-200 zoom. The 10 megapixels is a huge change from my last camera, which was 4. There’s a huge difference. I love it. I talk about it way too much, I know.

Terry Goodkind also (finally) released the finally to the Sword of Truth series. I’ve been reading these books for years now, own them all in hardcover. Waiting frantically for this book to come out. I’m not usually one to spend so much on books, but $40 for a hardcover by this one author is a nice treat. I’m about half way through the book so far, trying to make it last a little but staying up late at night to read anyhow. Book is called ‘Confessor’ and while I know some people don’t like the author (in fact a few days ago 70-79 went on a huge ranting tangent about how horrible an author he is, who only delves into sex and other messed up issues of society etc) I still love his work. Once I’m done that book I’ll get back to the ‘Kushuel’s Dart’ that I’m reading (and still haven’t managed to get fully into because it’s a little drab starting).

Happy Gaming!

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