Ishble D’Verilex, Legend of Norrath


The coercer is amusing to me. She’s now level 72, with 90aa. She’s got 7 days played, 0 heritage quests completed, 4 lore and legend quests done. I decided on a spur of the moment to claim the title I had sitting on LoN since I didn’t know what else I’d do with it. So my little no-name coercer is now the Legend of Norrath. How sweet. I did create an rp story for her and a background to her character, but I haven’t really devoted any time to her. I’m having a blast in RoK with the class though, so I assume I’ll stick with it (for a bit at least, until I get bored or something else catches my fancy).

Today I did the heroic quests in fens that require me to kill a few triple ups. With the right charmed mob, this is a simple matter. The best way I’ve found is to charm a nuker of some sort. They’re exceptionally wonderful at what they do. Use the root and nuke method the whole time. If your root breaks, call your pet back and charm the mob until you can position yourself again. The root is quite essential unless you can find a cleric mob out there who will also heal themselves as well as nuke.

So far in fens I’ve stuck with the mindbenders along the shore. Those enchanter mobs are wonderful, they’ll toss out nukes and mez’s, large power drains and roots. I’ll have to explore a little to see what else I can find, I’m sure there are a few more. I haven’t figured out what I’ll charm in Jarsath Wastes yet, or the other zones, but for now it’s a lot of fun. It really is all about having the right pet though, and knowing your limits. I’ve probably died more with the coercer then any other character I’ve played, just due to trying to learn my limits. A charm that breaks as you’ve got adds can be a deadly thing if you’re not prepared to mez everything at once and re-charm. Things can get complicated. I’ve died more then once when I went to use the washroom mid-adventuring, so now I make sure I park myself on a wall, when the mob breaks (notice I said when, and not if, since one of the natural laws of charm seems to be that it breaks when ever you’re not around or paying attention) that way at least I don’t die.

The class is not for everyone, it takes a lot of work and lower levels are very annoying. Without a master charm you’re going to feel things hurting far more then they do with it. Without the master charm, I’m pretty sure I’d grow exceptionally frustrated with the class. The T8 charm is for sale on AB for a whopping 190p, well above what I’d ever pay for it since the T7 version works just fine. Hopefully I can get the coercer closer to 75, and maybe be of some use. I’m not looking forward to those dispelling mobs eventually, since they’ll break my charm. I know that one from experience since they did it so frequently on Arysh while I used druid charm.

I ducked into VG last night for a few, made some more coin. Up to 49g there which is a fortune to me. In EQ2 sales are going wonderful as well, made another 20p yesterday. Not that I’ve found a single thing to spend it on, yet.

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