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I’ve been working on the coercer some, managed to ding her level 73 last night. Nothing exceptionally eventful, aside from just plain having fun with the class itself. It’s complicated and fun at the same time. I’ve died, a lot. Doesn’t bother me though truth be told. It’s all about learning the class and it’s limits.

In game, I’m still fairly restless. Happier though now that one of my accounts is closed. Probably going to make more characters or a healer to fill in one of the extra slots I have in the account, and then I will also have a healer slot incase I ever feel like playing one. I’m thinking Arasai defiler in the mean time. I hear a lot of lower level groups looking for healers, and I’d like to take the quest rout with her perhaps, and maybe work at getting into a smaller guild. We’ll see how it goes. I’d like a craft type for the character too, since I’ve left behind five crafters on the other account.

I spent some time today browsing EQ2flames, which is a site I’ve never actually gone to before for a few reasons. Number one, a lot of very angry people hang out there. It’s very lightly moderated when moderated at all (usually it’s not at all) and there are server sections, class sections, forums for everything you could ever want to complain about in game. It lets people get things off of their chest I suppose, but if you were ever the target of one of those posts I’d assume that you may be slightly upset with what people had said about you.

The main reason I was browsing it is because their class sections are top notch. People who are knowledgeable do post there, suggestions and advice and they do also answer questions. I had a much easier time looking for class information on their class specific forums then I did on the EQ2player forums, so they do have quite a following. I still wouldn’t want to check out or read that forum too often though, it just seems a little too harsh for me personally. To each their own though.

Finished the Terry Goodkind book and spent last night watching American Idol and laughing talking with Tipa and Saylah about the show. It was the first time I’ve actually watched the whole thing through and I was trying to understand what made it so appealing. I’m not really one for television on the best of days aside from a little background noise.

Other then that, things are quiet, the way I like them. I’m going to try to create some sort of roleplay story for the new defiler I suppose. Hey, of course I can’t stay away from some new alts, that’s just the way I am.

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