Two Zones Down, Two to Go


I’ve been focused lately on the coercer, and if I haven’t said it lately, let me just mention again that the class itself is SO much fun. It wouldn’t nearly be as fun though were it not for the m1 charm I have. In fact, there’s such a huge difference between adept3 and m1 that I feel quite confident in saying I’d hate the class were it not for the upgraded spell. It’s a shame that one single spell holds so much over a class, but it’s true.

She’s sitting comfortably at level 74 now – having finished all of the Kylong Plains quests (those quests took me from level 65 to level 70.. I couldn’t complain at all) then the Fens of Nathsar quests, which took me from 71-73. The past three levels seem to have dragged by REALLY slowly, even though I worked hard at them, not sure why. At level 73, I’d finished the fens quests except for the one Bellywhumper one that requires a whole lot of faction, and contemplated heading to Kunzar Jungle. 73 is a little low, I wasn’t sure how well I’d do.

I shouldn’t have worried.

I picked up all the quests from the first village I stumbled into, and found a vespid (I think..) caster, who had swarm pets as one of their abilities. The charmed pet was 76 to my 73, but wow did they ever rip into mobs nicely. I finished the first two rounds of quests and managed to ding myself to 74. Now, don’t get me wrong. As nice and ‘uber’ as I find the coercer – they’re frustrating too. When charm breaks (which it does, often) I’m pretty much guaranteed a death at this level. When the charmed pet is lower level then me it’s different, I can gage my survivability. Yellow broken charmed mob though + whatever the mob was beating on suddenly turning on me = smushed coercer.

I’ve died a WHOLE LOT with the coercer. Probably more with her then any other one of my characters, and that includes raiders. The 15 minutes where charm holds steady though are worth the deaths. I still accomplish things way faster. I’m looking forward to gaining a few more levels and maybe finally getting to see the inside of some instances with her. Pretty much everything that drops is a piece of gear upgrade for her, since I never bothered to get any gear after level 40. I’ve been upgrading all T8 spells to adept3 as I level, and keeping her up to date in that regard (now) at least. She’s still only got 8 days played on her, but I’ve been afk a lot doing other things so not all of the time is actual played time.

I’m working on decorating her home, and she’s involved in some intricate roleplay that’s a lot of fun. She’s a Teir’Dal who’s a faithful follower of Innoruuk and his teachings, so I play her as such. I consider most groups and raids to be ooc, so I don’t worry about placing unusual limitations on myself. Hopefully I can get a few more levels over the next few days and have something more interesting to blather about aside from the stuff I’ve already done on multiple characters.

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