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I experimented some last night with other charmed pets. My favorite not changing though. It may just be because of levels – other pets as fun as they are, also seem to break charm a lot more frequently. My own pet is white to me now, while some froglok wizards were yellow, and doing 2-3k dps when I ran my parser. Sweet. They also were breaking charm every 5 minutes though and then I was getting smushed, frequently. Not worth it – yet. The screen shot (little small, I know) is Ishbel in the City of Mist area of Kunzar Jungle, solo’ing one of the heroic specters. They’re not fun, since they’re casters. Which mean they’ll still hit my pet even at ranged and lets face it as nice as coercer pets are the majority of them are not tanks. Stuns and stifles do work well to keep the damage to a minimum.

So Ishbel got another level, and dinged 76 this morning. She’s been gaining roughly a level a day, or every two days. I checked out her leveling ratio and sort of snickered. She was created on May 25th, 2007. Mostly because I had betrayed Stargrace a few times back and forth from coercer to illusionist, and figured it would just be easier to create a coercer rather then continue betraying. May 30th she hit level 31. Power leveled? Oh yes. I got bored and then didn’t play her for a bit. The next interesting bit of leveling was in December, when I played in New Tunaria. She went from level 64 on the 16th to 68 on the 17th. Pretty sure I drained all of her vitality during that. Ah yes. New Tunaria is a lot of fun.

From January 11th until now she’s gotten her last 10 levels. I haven’t really been concentrating on her except for this past week. The class is fun. She’s too big to be power leveled which is why I turned to the whole charming bit. I’m sure Tipa is getting annoyed by my ever eager ranting about the class now *grins* I’m sure it will slow to a steady drone before too long.

I am closing in on the end of Kunzar Jungle quests, most of the remaining ones I have are heroic and want me to either go deeper into CoM (I want to ensure my charm is going to actually last before I do that too frequently) or want me to head to Seb. I haven’t gone there yet, so I don’t know what sort of mobs frequent easy to reach areas, and whether or not I can find a suitable mage pet for charming and running around with. Or even if I’ll be able to solo in there. Probably not, which is fine I’m coming up on the levels now where I can actually be useful in a group if I can find one who’s looking for a little crowd control. Though most likely they’ll just be after the power regen. I think it’s funny that even on a huge server like Antonia Bayle, a few months after the release of RoK now, I am the 55th coercer to hit level 75. World wide, I’m sitting at 1,069th. Underplayed class much? Most raid guilds only need one, there’s no way our dps matches up to that of an illusionist (at least, not as easily as they do) nor do we bring things to the table like TC, or illusionary arm (remember, I play both). Soloing though, has been quite fun.

Hopefully a few more quests and I’ll move on to Jarsath Wastes. Still not looking forward to those dispelling mobs, but maybe grinding the faction quests won’t be quite as annoying. Or charm could break every 5 minutes (I really miss EQ1 dire charm) and it’ll be a disaster. Still need to find some good mobs to charm there.

4 Responses to Simply Charming

  1. stargrace says:

    Profit UI Reborn, has an auto updater that I adore and click to cure, also has an info center that I’d be lost without. By far one of the best UI’s out there for EQII.

  2. J says:

    Just wondering what UI your using in that Image?


  3. Ardwulf says:

    I am awestruck by your rapid progression.

    The Coercer is a nifty class that I’d like to try but don’t freel ready for quite yet; my Berserker is pretty straightforward, and I haven’t gotten any of the fussier classes up past level, say… 8 or so. I do have a Conjurer (Ellyreos) in Qeynos, and I’ve been thinking of doing a more DPS-oriented character. So maybe I’ll fool with him. Or maybe my Warlock… or the new mystic. Or make something else. ARGH!

  4. Lader says:

    groups always looking for crowd control in instances, in coa the power regen is very helpful. once the power debuff is changed im not sure if itll be AS important as it is now, but peopel are alwyas looking for enchanters for groups!

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