Onward to Jarsath Wastes


Ishbel hit 76 yesterday, and is 60% of the way through her level to 77. I decided that once I finish working her to 80, or when I get bored (which may be soon at this rate) I’ll work on the templar some – after I spec her to a dps aa spread. There’s no way I want to spend 30 minutes hitting one single mob waiting for it to die. I finished off almost all of my Kunzar Jungle quests, got faction along the way with whomever I needed it with, and decided to take a little trip into Jarsath Wastes. I picked up a few of the entrance quests and got those done quickly enough while trying to find ‘the mob’ to charm.

Hrms. Lack of mobs, so far. The spectral type by the entrance are ranger and shadowknight mobs, not bad, but not great. A few others I charmed were again, alright, but mostly melee type mobs that aren’t anything to write home about. I know there are some draconian casters on the other side of the zone near the Skyfire mountain range, but I think they’re still orange to me right now.

I did find two named up, the saber cat and the prickly guy, so I pit my pets against both of those, treasured for one kill and legendary for the other. A bracelet with 40int and 140 power or something with a stifle. Meh, not that impressive. Plus it’s only selling on broker for 2p or so. I was hoping for some trooper scale boots for the bard.

Speaking of the bard, I’ve been hearing stories of them parsing 2-3k easily on raids by dropping the BD line (blade dance) and picking up the int line for extra dps. I haven’t managed to test this myself since 90% of guilds I’ve been in require their bards to have BD. Apparently though guilds are trying to break away from that, and work through aoe’s in other ways. Nice to hear, I’ve always hated having a whole aa line just to get the end skill when the points could be spent else where.

I haven’t decided how I’ll spec the healer yet. I enjoy my strength line for the immunity to stifles, but apparently that line (so say some) is not that great. Any advice from dps spec’d inquisitors and templars out there? I don’t own the aa respec mirror, but until I hit 80 (if I ever do) I’m not too concerned, the dps line should suit me just fine.

Other then that, things have been quiet. I’ve been getting involved in some rp on the server, and while I haven’t exactly been grouping a lot, I am chattering to people and meeting some new folks. I’ve gotten a few guild invites on the coercer which I always find amusing because the people inviting me don’t even know me. They’ve never seen me play. They just see that I’m a coercer who’s untagged as it were, and instantly pop in with their “hey, are you looking for a guild” speech. Not that I mind I suppose, but I’d always want a guild to get to know me first before I joined. Personal preference.

I’ve made a lot of coin working my alts up through RoK, but I’ve noticed that there’s not a whole lot to actually sell for coin. Almost anything of vaule is no-trade, and masters are sparse. Besides rares (silicate loam anyone?) or raws that are harvested, my characters are left on their own to make coin. Quests are a one time deal, so once you’ve completed the chain, the coin starts to slow down. I’ve only been so lucky thus far because I have so many alts to work through all of those chains- and aside from masters, there’s very little to actually purchase. I have a provisioner to make food, and a sage to make spells, and my jeweler to make whatever else I may need. Not that I’m complaining, but it seems like I spend far more coin on alts and upgrading their little level 40 stuff then I ever do on anyone who’s end game.

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  1. stargrace says:

    Ahh good point. Dasie’s only 72 (how odd, we both have halfling clerics whose name begins with D).. I think it’s time I dust her off though, I am getting slightly burnt out on the coercer.. ah the joys of alts!

  2. Tipa says:

    Dera has been aided by the severe shortage of healer plate gear in RoK. So she merrily wears the tanking gear and relies on jewelry to provide the healing boosts that SHOULD have been on her armor (she only has one piece of the inq/temp gear so far).

  3. stargrace says:

    I thought templars had the same sort of deal, but I think I was re-living my inquisitor days as I look at Dasie’s aa line. I’d need to boost up my str a whole lot I think to make any sort of a difference, it’s sitting pretty low at 238. I’m a dps newb, I’ve never tried on the templar. I’ve got a huge mental block with healers = healers and dpsers = dpsers, and I know it holds me back in EQ2.

  4. Tipa says:

    Battle Cleric-specced inquisitors go 4-4-8 on each of the STR, STA and AGI lines. They usually also use a 2H weapon with a high max damage. Inquisitors can also turn all their nukes and dots into combat arts that make their melee even more impressive. I have zero trouble soloing on my inquisitor, aside from the boring nature of soloing in general.

    My guild requires bards to have blade dance. I am hoping to find a shard so I can explore more dps-oriented builds. I also picked up a nice legendary shield in Karnor’s the other night, so I might experiment with sword shield, and see how that improves dps. If it does.

    I kinda hope it does, because then I could focus on getting one really good weapon rather than having to find two.

    I started with my 66 necro in Kylong last night before I got a group. I was impressed how easily even a undergeared caster like herself was able to easily take down yellow drachnids.

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