Traveling Through Stormhold


I love Stormhold. I think it’s one of those older zones that isn’t used for far too much any more. I remember when it used to be absolutely filled with people doing their dungeon crawls. It doesn’t seem quite so big any more, one or two groups is enough to feel crowded if they’re moving from named to named. There are still quite a few quests that use this zone, as well as a heroic one that rewards in a legendary bow. Remember when the scions used to be epic? Someone would spawn one by clicking the lion heads in the main entrance and BAM suddenly you’ve got an epic on your head chewing you apart. Those were good times. I remember almost at the very start of the game, when you used to be able to group with someone far higher level then you and have them ‘grey out’ zones. My friend managed to agro a scion and he dragged it through the zone on purpose, having it aoe on other travelers. They didn’t look too kindly on him (not that I can blame them) but it was still fun. I died from the aoe’s too, not that I minded, even if I did have to run back for my shard (ah, shards, good times).

Over time, pretty much any ‘difficult’ aspect of the game is toned down. That’s just one example, there are many. Crafting is another that’s been constantly tweaked and changed and adjusted over time to suit the wants of the players (some, players, not all). Speaking of which, Lader clued me in on this post, talking about new crafting cloaks, which yes, I did squeel about. They look like they have nice graphics. I’m all for nice graphics. The mannequins also seem pretty interesting, looking forward to getting a few of those in time. You’ll need 30,000 status with your crafting faction to purchase the recipe, and I know I’m a few away from that, but I’m sure Calreth won’t mind crafting me a few if I’m that impatient.

** Edit** There are crafting EPICS being put into game?! Now that I had no idea about. I knew about regular epic weapons, sure.. but tradeskill ones? Is that what those new cloaks are, epics? Woot!

In game I’ve been restless (again, big surprise I’m sure) and floundering about from character to character, not really sure which I’d rather play more. That was the purpose of closing one of my accounts, to be able to focus slightly. It’s not working.

In real life, we’re having a nice day full of ice and rain and wind. Be careful on the streets you people in Ottawa, it’s slippery.

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  1. Taymar says:

    Hmm, I’m guessing Lader is referring to this post from Domino which I’d missed:

    “But second of all … there’s quite a lot of jumping to conclusions that cloaks and the epics Froech mentioned are even related. In fact, I view them as more of a bonus than a main reward for anything. There are quite a lot of things for crafters going in with this update, and they aren’t necessarily ALL related.”

    I’ll post a link when the servers are back up.

  2. Taymar says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the cloaks – I daresay they won’t want tradeskill epics to be SO exciting that everyone feels they must tradeskill.

    I wonder if Froech knew that we didn’t know … still haunting the boards for some sort of follow-up comment from someone. :)

  3. Lader says:

    from what theyre saying there is a possibility that there will be tradeskill epics outside of these cloaks. it isnt confirmed but its suggested.

  4. Ogerbears says:

    Tradeskill Epics…. OMFG, I’m excited.

  5. stargrace says:

    I don’t know if the cloaks are the tradeskill epics, but I’d assume so- exactly for the reason you mentioned, little hard when you’re both a crafter and an adventurer to be switching out gear all the time (this could be accomplished though if they adopted Vanguard’s method of having different sets of gear and inventory based on what sphere you’re working on). Either way, I’m excited, I don’t care what it is, cloak or other wise.

  6. Tipa says:

    Oh dear, I was hoping for something more than cloaks for TS epics. I was thinking a hammer for a smith, a loupe for a jeweler, a saw for a carpenter — stuff like that.

    Of course, since people can both adventure and be crafters, I guess they had to deal with the possibility that players would have two epics.

    I wonder if your epic changes classes with you if you betray?

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