Vanguard Anniversary Gift


Taking a trip into Vanguard proved to be (aside from a lot of fun) profitable, as I managed to claim this new reward from my claim window. You get the choice of 3 bags, one per account (they’re a little stingy with their gifts). One for each of the spheres. Since I can get player made bags easily enough, and I can quest for a diplomacy bag, I opted to get this crafters pouch, to help boost up my stats and give me a permanent buff. I claimed it on the artificer, and I think it was a great choice.

I managed to finish off the URT weapon quest with some help from a GM who kindly dropped all those essences (the quest is broken) into my inventory, and decided to move on to the Hunter’s League quests in Qalia. The first two that rewarded yellow gear (around level 19 I believe?) I completed with little difficulty, having to smush some level 18 cyclops and a few other bad guys that roamed the coast. The next quest I’m on wants some zombie flesh though and they’re four dot which means they’re heroic and I should be in a group to kill them. They’re also level 22, so I didn’t want to risk getting smacked around too badly before giving up until I can find a group.

The guild had some low 20’s groups going on in Qalia as well on Friday night, Sunday was of course the super bowl where everyone was busy shouting at the TV and watching the fantastic commercials (which are blocked out here in Canada, we get to watch the Canadian commercials instead, and none of them are nearly as exciting as the prized American superbowl commercials) of course regionsay was filled with people arguing about why their team should win and bringing up every possible bad play that was ever made by anyone. Interesting, to say the least.

I also started a shaman class, a vulmane at that (they need tails, badly) and with some company got her to level 8. I’ve never played a shaman before (or any other healer aside from bloodmage for that matter), so far it’s a lot of fun. Helps to have someone to play with of course. Formed a brotherhood with both the shaman and my bloodmage, so my characters can’t out level anyone. I like the idea of sharing exp even if it takes a little longer to level up in the end.

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  1. David says:

    Not sure where you are in Canada, but I’m in Winnipeg and with our digital cable (Shaw) we get an American feed on one of the higher channels, so we got to see all the “good” commercials. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same existed in your area.

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