Lets Try This, and Tickets Arrive!


First of all, the tickets for the James Blunt concert came today by Fed-Ex, I’ve mentioned once or twice I’m excited. Ok, maybe a few more times then that. Again, never been to a concert so it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I’m 26 after all, my 17 year old baby brother has been to more concerts then I have. My only concern is the weather, I’m hoping the drive down will be nice. As I look out the window today and see another 10cm of snow I’m cursing slightly under my breath. Hey, it is Canada though, we’ll still be seeing snow in early May.

I decided to make a psionicist late last night, logged out before doing anything (other then getting her guilded) though, and picked up with it today instead. Now she’s level 10. Not bad. A huge thank you to Lanatra from guild who supplied me with a few silkbloom bags- wow those things are HUGE compared to what I’ve been using (28 slot vs. 14 slot) I enjoy the little community of the guild. Every night there are 5-15 people on, day times are a little slower, I believe the majority of the every-day-gamers are pacific as far as time zones go, so maybe I miss some. During the day there are typically 3-4 on doing their own things or relaxing after working nightshift. That doesn’t sound like fun at all.

The class is a lot of fun, I made it for a duo team with a Dreadknight, I was using the bard, but honestly bards can solo just fine on their own, so I wanted something that was a little harder to solo with, that I would benefit from a duo with. Does that make sense? I think it does. Anyhow.

I have one ‘stun’ that works as a mez so far, I also have invis (which has a nasty habbit of breaking just as you walk past that four dot creature every time) and some nukes. I have two buffs, one is a bond I form with other psi that enhance my power regen, and the other is a wis / int buff for my group. I also have a stance, which I had to physically go get by clicking on some gestalt scattered throughout the world of Telon. I found this post which at least tells me what level I get a new one at, and where to find them per continent. Very handy information. This is another priceless site for Vanguard stuff, crafting related, and for all those diplomacy people out there, make sure you bookmark this. This site explains how to use the G15 keyboard to program crafting macros (so your wrists don’t fall off) and while I haven’t figured it out yet, I intend to. One of the best places to find information on diplomacy is here, and if you’re looking for fantastic maps, look no further then here. Everything you wanted to know about building your own house, can be found here. Figured I’d share a few of my favorite links, ones I use quite frequently while I play. I know Vanguard is certainly not for everyone, and there’s still plenty of bugs, but for some strange reason it’s stuck with me despite those. Probably because I remember how it was at release, and I had such high hopes for it.

The screen shot above is blurred because it’s raining out, which is an annoying weather factor that is slowly growing on me. It seems like it’s either always night time, or always raining, or raining and night time, and when Christmas was around it was always snowing. Inside buildings, that’s how powerful snow on Telon is (to be fair, the whole raining in buildings thing has now been fixed). Psi get to cast clones of the mobs they are fighting, they do no real damage but they inure a lot of hate, so you can snare and nuke a few shots before the mob (depending on it’s difficulty vs. you) will see through the illusion and slowly shamble over your way (as long as you’ve snared. Remember, you’re squishy, you’re going to die if you’re fighting something hard and it sees through that illusion and comes bolting after you). I’m thinking carpenter as far as tradeskill classes go, I haven’t quite decided though. My mino hit level 17 and I’d like to keep leveling that so I can at least get more pieces done on my house. Outfitter (specifically tailor) would be nice so then I could make my own gear- but how many times have I wanted to be able to make my own furniture. I suppose it’d be best to actually finish the house first, then worry about making things to put inside. It’s a little difficult to hang things on the walls that I don’t have yet.

Oh, and as a side note before it gets mentioned. I know how hideously ugly  those character models are (that’s a high elf pictured above, not that you can tell at all by the man-ish arms and hair that’s cut through her back) I’m keeping my fingers crossed on those revamps.

2 Responses to Lets Try This, and Tickets Arrive!

  1. Mythokia says:

    I’ve never been to a concert before either.

  2. pvthudson says:

    That was the first class I tried in Vanguard, it was a cool class.

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