Ever Seen a Spider Wearing Shoes?


One thing adventurers in every mmo have always asked themselves, or a comment that has always come up from time to time, is WHERE the mobs end up getting their items from. How does a cat end up with a battle axe, where did that bear get the dress from, etc. So yesterday when I was wandering around on the disciple (who is now by far my most favorite class might I add) and came across a huge disgusting black spider- who I smushed, of course, and got these shoes from him pictured above, I just had to laugh at the description at the bottom.

Last night Safe Haven had a guild meeting which started a bit late but was fun none the less, we had 14 people join us all in the guild hall, crammed upstairs as it were, and went over the future of the guild. Events and the like. We’ve decided that a sloop race is in order, and people will be getting together to help build sloops for one another and harvest material for it. We’re also going to have a craft fair some time to explain to people how crafting works, and perhaps make general gear upgrades for people who need it. Not sure how that one is going to go yet as the majority of our crafters are still quite small, but hey whatever works.

At level 14 my disciple got feign death, which I can not stress enough about what an amazing skill that is. Being a healer with feign death, and having the dps that I have, is just a very nice thing, and yesterday I put it to good use. There was this crazy wizard. Well, he wasn’t always crazy. He sits way out on an island and his tower is in ruins due to some freaky accident. He sent his love to some caves and time went by and she never returned, so he assumed she’s dead. He created (or tried to at least) a device to wipe his memories of her but it went horribly wrong (of course). So he sends you (random adventurer) off to the same caves to find out what happened to Elise.

He doesn’t give you any more hints then that, and these caves are huge with level 10-14 three dot (small group) mobs. I can kill them (as can most people) just fine, but it would take a lot of work to check the entire cave. Hey, he never said I had to KILL anything in there. So I spent an hour lost in the caves searching for this woman who I assume was just gobbled up by one of these beasties that roam the halls. Oh yes. Feign death is fun.

In diplomacy I sort of got stuck (what else is new). I need to figure out if there’s another way to get presence besides gear. I need 50 presence to speak with a few people for the next portions of my quests, and I’m shy by about 30 or so. I don’t want to have to buy gear- because the quests themselves reward me with gear. Seems like a little bit of a waste of money. I’ll have to check out the diplomacy site and read up on it some. I also really want to find out where I can get a diplomacy bag. SoE was stingy on their anniversary rewards and only lets you claim one item per account, so of course my item is on my bloodmage. Damn it. They could have at least let us have 3 per account, some how I doubt having a bag for diplomacy, adventuring, or crafting is going to ruin the economy of Telon or what not.

Oh, if anyone is stopping in Vanguard by the way, look for Ishbel. I’m still hoping they fix cross game tells with Vanguard to expand across the rest of the SoE title games, but for now I’m not holding my breath.

2 Responses to Ever Seen a Spider Wearing Shoes?

  1. Mythokia says:

    Better watch out for that cat in your house, one day it might just come at you with a battle axe!

  2. Tipa says:

    Pirates of the Burning Sea, too, I’d like to be able to /tell from.

    Maybe Elise just has a super-good feign death?

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