Airborn, and my first civic diplomacy buff!


Yes, it’s raining in Kojan, and it’s also night time, or dusk, or something like that, equally dark so that the images are hard to make out. I’m not sure why I always seem to take screen shots in the rain. Anyhow, I needed a quick and easy way to get off of the island my guild hall is located on, and I happened to notice there was a flying mount vendor close by. You can pay 10 silver and ride a flying mount for 10 minutes. I’m flying at 266% run speed which is a nice fast pace to get from one end of the continent to the other (Martok docks, where I could port some place more sane). Flying mounts are amazing. I didn’t enjoy the actual ride of the reindeer they added at Christmas, but the Pegasus is amazing. The ride is smooth and the wings glide and it’s lots of fun to soar in the sky. 10 silver is still a lot of money to me though, so I don’t think I’ll be using this method too often.

The screen shot above is of a diplomacy buff that I actually did, all by myself. I was quite proud, it’s the first city wide buff I’ve ever attempted to do. I was looking for ways to raise my clergy presence since I was stuck in a quest, and I only needed 5 more presence. So I headed to the high elf city (ironic since I play a dark elf) and did some parle battles with the clerics located inside. I found a room of them actually, it was great, made putting the buff up much easier. I can only move the city levers by 1 point right now, so that means I moved the lever 40 points. Yes, it was a lot of parles (40) in order to get there, but I did end up walking away with a whole lot of evidence to turn in for items. Plus I hit level 10 in diplomacy, which was great.

I’ve also managed to pick up a few (three per craft) recipes that crafters get to make diplomacy gear. Another quest required I have 50 presence with arcana (which I did not, 50 is a lot to me at this level still) so I had my artificer make a jade choker, which gives +31 to that presence (and 2 others) and combined with the gear I already had, managed to finish off that quest.

There’s a diplomacy site, but it seems some what out of date, still using skill levels instead of basic levels (when Vanguard first came out diplomacy used skill, like 150, instead of just saying level 3). There’s also no clear walk through like “Diplomacy, 1-50 from A to B” which would be helpful. To tell me where to go to continue raising my diplomacy. As it is now, when I adventure to outposts and the like I just randomly start engaging in parle with people to get my experience. As well as doing the few quest chains I stumble across.

Which reminds me, I finished the Informant’s Valise quest given by Raisoor the Navigator, which gave me a 30 slot diplomacy bag. It’s already completely filled with scraps of paper and diplomacy outfits, but I’d been storing all of that in my 12 slot adventure bags, so I’m exceptionally happy to have it.

The disciple hit level 15 (and part way through) last night playing with Growlius, who hit level 16 dreadknight. Next we’re starting on the URT quests. The guild is busy getting wood and recipes together to make sloops, as we’re having a sloop race on the first of March. I think I’ll just watch that one, I’d probably end up crashing into land knowing me and killing innocent bystanders. Today, working on my crafting, trying to get the leatherworker up during the day before I adventure at night. Crafting is.. slow. Rewarding though.

One thing I’d love to see more mmo’s implement as far as crafting is concerned is work orders. Yes, EQII does have WO’s however. In Vanguard when you do a WO you have a choice to use your own raw supplies, or to use theirs. You always supply the utilities (fuel) but you don’t have to use your own raw materials if you don’t want to. You get a bonus of progress if you do use your own, but this way your harvested materials are used simply for items you’ll actually make / use / sell, and you can make it all the way to 50 without harvesting anything at all (which is also suggested). It’s a great way to level.

Hopefully things are going well with everyone else, too. Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and of course Vanguard has their heart shaped items spread throughout various cities that you can claim for your own home, no quests this year though. Which reminds me, I’ll have to add more parts to my house shortly I think, either that, or at least deposit some more money for rent.

Oh, and completely unrelated, jango rocks. Especially since Pandora started blocking me due to the Canadian IP. I know it’s only a matter of time before this one blocks me too, but in the mean time I’m enjoying it.

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