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Yesterday I spent most of my game time crafting, which was a nice relaxing way to spend the day. I managed to get from level 1 to 11. I also managed to do a few quests along the way, upgrading some gear which was wonderful. Today I wanted to get the continental quests done, however Vanguard is down for a four hour patch. Apparently they found some ‘bugs’ that needed to get squished asap. Fine by me.

The guild is busy getting ready for the sloop races on the first of march, and I decided I needed a new forum signature for their forums. I don’t spend a whole lot of time chattering but I do every so often. One of the guild members was in an accident and got some hot cinders into his eye so he’s been getting well wishes from everyone. I can’t imagine how painful that would be.

I printed out the complete pdf file of crafter quests (12 pages) and have been glancing through them from time to time to make sure I do the ones that I’m of level to do. Lots of great rewards to be had there. Of course it would help if I didn’t keep getting sidetracked by diplomacy which happens far too often. I’ll be traveling to some outpost, a 15 minute run if that. Find a harvest node, or find a diplomacy quest along the way and suddenly the trip takes an hour and a half and I still haven’t made it there yet. Ah such fun.

Speaking of which I almost stuck up my second buff in Khal today, just before servers came down. With more presence you earn more faction towards the city levers. I had about 80 or so presence with crafters, so it worked out well. It moved me from “newcomer” to “known” which is great. I made a few of the blacksmith diplomacy items as well, which is far nicer then any of the quested gear I’ve gotten thus far. I could use another diplomacy bag (or two, or three) and I have to remember to keep sorting my gear so that I don’t get items that just give stats I already have on the same piece of gear (like the three pairs of pants I had that gave +soldier presence, I kept the highest one and sold the rest).

Other then crafting and diplomacy, game’s been quiet. Hopefully it’s back up and running soon. Everyone enjoy their Valentine’s Day today (I’m still excited about heading to Toronto for mine on the 23rd) and hope it’s filled with love and smooches!

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