Now THAT is Customer Service


Screen shot is of the Ruins of Trengal Keep, as I’m flying by on a rented griffin. I haven’t ventured inside yet as it’s a group dungeon, but I hear people looking for groups for a series of quests for the area all the time. Apparently the loot is bad but the experience is wonderful. I love the way the air around the ruins is guarded by wyvern who like to smush you out of the air if you get too close.

Vanguard may have a few bugs and graphic glitches, there may be some worry about the games future, but one thing that no one can argue with, is that when it comes to customer service, they are top notch. Honestly, if every game went by the unspoken rule of “we literally can’t afford to upset our customers, so lets put them first” it would do wonders. I’ve dealt with Vanguard’s customer service quite a few times now, and yesterday was no exception. Their petition service is a little crude, just a window that pops up where you type in your issue- and some times it can take a bit of time to hear back from any one (typically within the day though) but I can honestly say I have yet to petition and NOT have my issue resolved.

I’ve petitioned about deleted characters (who were thus restored) I’ve petitioned about broken quests twice now (specifically URT weapon quests, the essences don’t drop and it’s a known issue) and the GM’s have 1. mailed me the pieces I needed, and 2. came to drop them directly into my inventory. Yesterday, I petitioned asking if there was not some chance that a GM could transfer my anniversary bag from one character who I no longer played, to my ‘main’ character. The bag is no trade (of course) and in a few hours time my character was logged into game, and my new main had mail. I went to check it and low and behold, the no trade bag was in the mail (it’s odd, getting no trade items in the mail from yourself when you know you didn’t send anything) thus the petition solved. I was impressed.

How many people think if you claimed your reward in EQII that you could petition and have it switched over to another character? Well, maybe they would do it, but I’d still be skeptical. In Vanguard, I knew they’d move it for me. The GM’s and the services they provide are amazing. Now. I do realize this is probably because 1. They only have 4 servers to deal with as opposed to however many most other mmo’s have, and 2. Their player base is so small right now (it’s not THAT small on my standards, my server is nice and populated, but I can see it being small in comparison to the over all picture) that they just simply can’t afford to give players what they want in regards to a petition. Numerous of my guild mates have petitioned bad quests or lost npc and GM’s have no issues spawning them if they’ve been lost under the world and what not. I realize that those issues should not exist to begin with, but it’s fantastic to know that if such an issue should occur, it will be delt with.

The disciple hit 20, no really new skills but with the URT weapon (which is 2h) she and Growlius are wrecking havoc everywhere. I decided to take a night off from the adventure grind last night (when I hit the 20’s I always run out of areas to quest at and forget where I should go next, I need to find myself a leveling guide) and work on diplomacy. Bought a level 20 mount which was nice, and stuck a few crafted items up on the broker to make some coin. I made my first plat, which is still a HUGE amount of money to me. I know in the states today it’s President’s Day (I believe…) and some folks (but not everyone) have the day off, in Canada it’s Family Day, and most people have the day off as well (but not all). Stores are closed, including grocery and what not, so it’ll be a nice quiet day at home here. I’ll be gone Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to Toronto for that concert, which I am still really looking forward to.

Happy gaming, no matter which world you all play in!

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    wow that does look pretty cool

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