Ding, 22 Crafter, and my First Barding!


Mounts are an important part of Telon, the world is vast and it can take you 10 minutes just to get across two chunks (continents are made up of like, 10 chunks by 10 chunks, so that’s a lot of traveling). Along with that of course is the appearance of your mount. You can get a horse at level 10, through crafting, diplomacy, or adventuring. Vanguard is great that way, any one of the three spheres will work for a number of things that are level based. There’s a selection of mounts of all different colours based on what you’d like. I wish they’d impliment a ‘dressing room’ option, but for now you’ve basically got to guess, or look it up online some place.

Ishbel is riding a docile grey mount that she bought in Tawar Galan, an outpost with lots of sailors wandering around, on the Kojan continent. I managed to grind my way to level 21 early this morning which opened up the apprentice (T3) quests, per continent of course. Made my way to Ahgram and spoke with Master Outfitter Alibaan Deleard who of course sent me away to Khal (which is where I started to begin with). The Master Outfitter there gave me a recipe to make some stiff leather bundles and I set off to finish that up. Along the way I stumbled across a good many level 18-20 crafter quests, so before I started in on the apprentice ones I finished those up and ended up getting a nice new heroic crafter ring that summons resources every 24 hours of real life game play. Interesting.

Before long I was 80% through my level and hadn’t even touched those apprentice quests, I was a notch or two away once I finished that up and scribed my new recipes. Barding was on the list. It was one of those “oh my goodness I really want to make THAT” items that I’d seen. It also required grade A on completion so I was worried about being able to make it. Thankfully I had crafter buffs on, and I also have a clicky hat piece that I used while crafting. You can add dye to the combine, and voila, a bit of red, gave me the barding pictured above in the screen shot. Barding is not just for show, either. It gives me +15 mount stability which means it’s harder for beasts to knock me off while I’m running through angry creatures. At this tier I can only add yellow, red, black, or orange dye to my clothes. There’s a bunch of other colours that I suppose come later, like blue, light blue, and purple. The item was enough to ding me 22 as well.

As a leatherworker, I can also make saddle bags, which is great, another container to store random pieces of junk I happen to stumble across. I’m getting in as much gaming as I can now, before I head to Toronto for three days, I’m still very excited about the trip, hopefully Growlius doesn’t pass me by too many levels while I’m gone. He hit level 22 last night and I’m still 40% away, it means new skills though and I’m looking forward to that.

2 Responses to Ding, 22 Crafter, and my First Barding!

  1. Anakh says:

    Wow that’s nice looking stuff. I tell you, reading all your Vanguard stuff is giving me ideas…

  2. Borgio says:

    Wow Star that barding looks hot!

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