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Today was a good day. In crafting, I managed to get the mineralogist to level 21, which means new recipes to learn, and continental styles, as well as housing bricks, and planks. It’ll take some time to work through it all, but I’m hoping by tomorrow I can at least make some jewelry for the disciple and her partner in crime Dreadknight. The guild was fairly active in the evening, and we had at least 6 of us in the 19-25 range who wanted to do some exploring. Ideas were tossed around, did we want to do Hilsbury? Well, after Growlius’ near death (wait, near? It was complete death) at the gates, he wasn’t too keen. Someone suggested that we start our CIS cloaks though.

Cloaks are great. Not only do they look cool, but they protect you from that ever present rain in Telon. Yes, it’s raining in that screenshot. So we headed to Donovan’s Roost in Qalia (just one chunk west of Ahgram) and talked to a little gnome about some crazy people and how he wanted to learn their secrets or some such. I barely remembered the quest from when I’d first done it in 2007. I even wrote about it  here. The quest has changed slightly. The slave is much easier to find now, he’s almost at the beginning of the zone. I don’t recall him being there. The captain fight is just as annoying- but I don’t remember him turning non-agro throughout the fight like he used to do. Also, we went with one group.

We died of course a few times. I think we had to attempt him four times before we managed to get him down. The group consisted of a 22 dreadknight, 19 paladin, 25 sorcerer, 25 cleric, 20 necromancer, and myself, 22 disciple, all guildies. We pulled him the first time inside of his hut, and a lot of adds came. I mean, a LOT. The paladin dropped like a rock, and we evac’d out. Well, we didn’t have a ranger to sacrifice. It would have to do. We made our way back, and pulled him outside the hut. Still had the two adds he spawns with, and they still decided to beat the snot out of me while we got them positioned and out of the mountain they decided to hide in- but in the end down he went, and his two friends.

So now a few more members of Safe Haven are sporting their new cloaks, and those of use who were 20+ managed to get the quest for the ring (the next part of the infinium chain). I haven’t done it before, so I’m not sure what to expect. I think we have to go read a book, or something? It would have been nice to finish off that Hunter’s League quest that’s been plaguing my journal so I can get on with the other two pieces, but alas most nights the one room with zombie flesh that I need has been camped. Talk about annoying. Why would only ONE room in a dungeon have the mobs that everyone doing the quest needs. Not to mention it’s not a constant drop- nor does it drop for every member in the group. So you have to kill 6x as many mobs if you bring a full group down there (and the mobs are four dots). Hopefully I’ll get it done tomorrow night before I leave Saturday for Toronto. We’ll see though. It was the first time I’ve really grouped with the guild, and I had a lot of fun. So far, Telon’s been a blast.

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  1. Borgio says:

    Those are some nice looking cloaks. The thing which worries me about Vanguard at the moment is not knowing what I SHOULD be doing at a certain level, I mean I might miss something totally whilst levelling :S

    Ah well youve convinced me to give it a try on my new PC. See you soon.

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