It’s fun to Smush


I decided in the end to stick with my blood mage. I enjoy the crafter aspect of the character (she makes focus’ jewelry, housing bricks and what not) and I’d rather be a caster healer then a melee healer. Just a personal preference in playing. In the screen shot I’m squishing some giant sea creature with Growlius on the disciple. Shoddy quality of screen shot but it’s hard to remind myself to take them as I’m trying to remember what combination of keys unlocks my heals with attacks.

This morning I had Satia learn the Qalia and Thestra styles of gems, so I can at least make all three continents now. I tried looking for some upgraded crafter gear, but alas it was all very expensive. I can pull off white WO’s with refining, but not finishing. I need some +utility gear which is hard to come by at my level. At 25 I can do society quests, and get some more upgrades which should be nice. It takes a little time to get used to everything. I want to be able to work up my diplomacy as well, as I have been incredibly slack with that on Satia. I don’t even know which cards she has any more.

I petitioned to have my crafting pouch moved back to Satia (I’m a pain, I know) and in 10 minutes had a reply (they did not speak english very well, but, they did take care of my issue) which is impressive to me. I appreciated it too. The crafting pouch really is a must have for crafters.

No posts for a few days as I’ll be off to Toronto, I hope everyone has wonderful weekends though! I’ll be back in the world of Telon late Monday and if not then, Tuesday.

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