Safe and Sound, There’s No Place Like Home


One of the (numerous) skyscrapers that you can find in downtown Toronto. I wasn’t allowed to take my camera to the actual concert (though I saw that it didn’t stop lots of other people from bringing theirs) but I did snag some nice shots of the city. Toronto is the sort of place I don’t mind visiting for a day or two, but when I get home, I’m thankful I live on the outskirts of Ottawa. Nothing beats home. The concert itself was amazing, even if the opening band played for a good 45 minutes before James Blunt finally came on stage, it was well worth the wait.

The concert took place at the Sony Center, which holds 3,500 people. Not nearly as large as the other concert places around Toronto- also completely fine by me though. The Spice Girls were there tonight doing a show and there’s no way I wanted to be swamped by that many people screaming and shouting. The crowd was mostly older twenties and thirties, some screaming fans but nothing too hectic. There’s something to be said for watching an artist you enjoy live, rather then just listening to their music on the radio or an mp3. The atmosphere is completely different and the over all feeling of the songs can (if done well) be completely moving.

The weekend itself was wonderful, did a lot of walking and I’m now sporting numerous blisters on my feet as proof. That’ll teach me to wear my fancy dress boots as opposed to comfortable shoes. Ah well, worth every bit of pain if I do say so myself. I’ll make a note to pack an extra pair, next time. I typically head down to Toronto a few times a year for various things, mostly visiting friends or heading to Canada’s Wonderland (2 years ago) or Niagara Falls (last year). Montreal is closer, but it’s not very fun to drive around, their streets (aside from being all in French) are interesting to navigate.

I did play a little Vanguard once I’d gotten home and relaxed some, dinged Satia 24 mineralogist, which is always nice. One step closer to making those housing bricks. Tonight I’ll probably work on the Hunter’s League chain of quests I’d been working on, we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully Satia gets a robe that doesn’t look as bad as the one she’s wearing right now (though all of the robes tend to have a ‘brown paper bag’ graphic to them. Heard from Borgio in game which is always nice, looks like he’s spending a little time in Telon, I’ll have to say hello when I see him on. Tomorrow, another 15cm of snow is expected. Two more months of winter (give or take a week) and then finally it’ll be spring. I’m looking forward for the snow disappearing.

3 Responses to Safe and Sound, There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Albrta says:

    Glad you had fun at the concert and that is beautiful pic you took. Actually gets me to try to crane my head to see the top. lol
    Miss you in game. =) Im sure you may have read websites but once you get your crafter part done of epic you do two turn ins and your done.
    I think the earring is more of the epic than the cloak. Its awesome. =)
    I hope to talk to you in game soon when they fix their issues. =/

  2. Shadowgeist says:

    Canada’s Wonderland is like six flags.
    But better.
    Cuz its Canadian.

  3. Lader says:

    sounds like a fun trip! what is canda’s wonderland!??!? that could be interesting.

    montreal somehow seems dirtier than toronto looks here, and from what i remember their streets were wierd…not that we had to drive anywhere, but even walking was rough sometimes. glad you had a fun!

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