Learning brick styles and other goodness


Yesterday Growlius and I finally finished our Hunter’s League quests. The breast piece that I’m sporting in the screen shot. Yes, I realize that my gloves (as well as my boots) are bright green, and are not exceptionally flattering to this blood mage. I suppose it happens. I’ll change them eventually, maybe. The quest took forever, there were too many groups after the same mobs we needed. I’m glad it’s done, but it leaves me with no idea where to quest next. There are the shadowhound and unicorn mount quests that should be looked at eventually, as well as continuing CIS, but all of that requires a group.

I also hit 26 on Satia, which was great. I managed to do a lot of crafting and hit almost 28 mineralogist. Today, I’ve been busy learning brick styles, cornerstones, and shingles for those Kojan houses that don’t use thatch roofs. In a few more levels I’ll be able to learn all that for the next tier of homes (which is the one my house is). I also had to learn beams, and panels per continent. Each house is different, thus each house component is also different. It’s nice to be able to make items that will be useful to me though. A guild mate has already volunteered to make some furniture for me as well.

Faalcon made me a wonderful piece of star iron gear which was nice, and also upgraded a few pieces of my crafting gear. Have I mentioned yet today how wonderful my guild mates are? He also made me a full set of harvesting tools (and some gear) which I’m thankful for. I sent along some coin in return, I don’t have a whole lot, but I try to help where I can.

I also made my first flawless (orange, or also called heroic) piece of gear yesterday, a focus. I need another level before I can wear it, for now it’s for sale (though stone focus’ are not exactly rare, so I don’t know that it will sell). I can make a lot of different hammers as well, which is fun. One handed and two handed. Being a mino is enjoyable. In fact, every craft class is.

Still no word yet on when the next GU is, apparently it was pushed back to early March. If it gets more things changed and fixed then I’m all for it. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

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  1. stargrace says:

    Flying mounts are level 45 to start, and to upgrade the griffin you need APW and to even get the Wyvern you need APW so I’m a LONG long way from that. I’d rather just hit level 40 crafter (since I’m not too far away) and buy one of the regular ones then use some diplomacy barding on it.

  2. Johaocarl says:

    Soon, with GU#4, we will have the quests for the flying mounts. So, can be a good idea you get the special mounts before. If you have a friend to help you, it will be faster. The only problem is that you will need trip all over Telon and that demand a lot of time.

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