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I’m one step closer to being able to complete my house. Yesterday I hit level 31 crafter, which was a huge deal to me. It meant that I could go about learning new recipes once I’d completed the continental quests (the thestran one sent me to Konarthi Point, which is a quaint fishing village on the far east side of the continent, to study a ship there and uh.. make clubs from wood) it also meant I could learn beams, panels, and bricks (and shingles if I get the 2,000 faction required for kojan) for housing. The only down side to this is that at this level I can only make those one at a time. I need 200 limestone bricks, 60 panels, and 30 beams. In a few more levels I’ll be able to make these 5 at a time- or if I’m really lucky I can buy / farm a manual that will let me craft these 10 at a time. Now that would be a blessing. I’ve got about half of the supplies I’ll need, but my harvesting is too low to obtain them myself. A guild mate has been generous enough to donate spare supplies, and the rest I’ll buy from broker (about 2g a stack, and a stack in VG is 20) which is still cheaper then the 18g a stack the finished product is going for right now.

Most people (I’ve learned) don’t bother with a T4 house (which is what I’m creating) but I’m not sure how long it will take me to get to T5, and I’d really like a house now. Impatient? Yes, slightly.

Yesterday was also a good day for crafting in the fact that I found two silver masterwork sigils. I need 8 (well, now 6) to buy one single recipe for my tier. There are four or five upgrade recipes each level to purchase. It’s going to take me quite a long time in order to get any of them, unless I happen to be lucky enough that I find a gold sigil, which allows you to buy any one recipe, you don’t need 8. Most people save those for T5 though. When you’re one tier above the recipe, it costs 6 sigils, two tiers above, it costs 4. I’d really love my jewelry upgrade as well as my weapons of course. Luckily enough the stone focus upgrade is tradeable, and cheap on the broker.

As far as adventuring goes, I’m completely lost. I’d like to find some (a lot) of quests that I can solo or duo with my adventure team, but Vanguard does a very poor job of leading you around. I did a few quests for TK, but the rest require a group (and it’s so crowded there it makes everything four times as long and difficult to complete) so if anyone has some suggestions on where to go to quest through the rest of the 20’s (I managed to hit 27 last night, Growlius landed himself 26) I’d love some help in figuring it out.

GU4 is do out on March the 4th. I’ve got mixed feelings about this one. The helmets are a good thing, loosing face choices is bad (I spent an hour choosing how my characters would look, to reduce that no matter what the new options would be would bother me I’m fairly certain) the node changes I’m happy about, dust changes also happy about. The new flying mounts will give people something to do- happy about that as well. Uping the sigil drop rate slightly I’m indifferent about, not sure it’ll make that much of an effect depending on how often they’ll drop compared to now. In any case, it should be interesting to see what happens as a result of this update, it’s a big one.

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  1. martin says:

    I think in the late 20s i went to soutwatch and did missives took me from 28 to 33 if i remeber rightly…

  2. Krozath says:

    You might want to check out Tsang’s Tomb posted today on vgplayers. Looks like a fun place and I think it’s around your level. I’d go with you if I had a toon over lvl 10 :)

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