Month: February 2008

Moving on Up


The disciple hit 19 last night, after working on the most annoying quest I’ve ever worked on. Growlius and I were sent to some mines in Misthaven to collect belts from locals, apparently Misthaven had a shortage and if we didn’t agree to this pants everywhere would drop. After killing well over 200 miners, and both of us needing 3 more belts, they suddenly decided to stop dropping. Ok, it wasn’t suddenly at all, nothing is sudden after spending a few hours there diligently working away at the quest. We only needed 15 total. This quest sucked. It’s the first time I’ve actually grown so frustrated with a quest that I finally just gave up. We gated out and maybe we’ll work on it another time. We both got a full level of experience in there, and when you’re only getting .5% a kill that’s just sad.

We also managed to finish the URT chest and leg pieces, so I’m no longer sporting an ugly green breast piece, but a dark purple one. At least it matches my legs. I got a few crafting levels and did some quest in Halgarad that rewarded me with 3 T2 rares. I did this quest on 3 of my crafters, since I could easily gate home and just walk one chunk over. I needed those rares in my first quest for a red item (much like an epic item) which I was ecstatic to get. Sure, it’s a crafting item, but red is red (the only gear higher is purple, much like mythical and there’s only anniversary gifts that are purple).

I couldn’t find the patch notes myself, but apparently people are exceptionally upset over GU4 that’s supposedly up at the end of this month. What I heard over the course of yesterday made me worry for the game. Number one, they’re adding helm graphics. Well, that’s great but very few people are going to walk around wearing helmets. We don’t use them in EQII, they’re not used in WoW, if anything there’s options to turn them off, not mmo’s creating options to turn them on. In direct response to the public getting helmets- they’ve decided to lower the amount of facial combinations you can make. At release, Vanguard boasted one of the most unique character customizations out there, and they had it. Everything from the arch of the eyebrow to the puffiness of the cheeks and the size of the breasts. In order to cut down the work getting helms in was, they’re removing a bunch of the customization. Bad move.

They’re also adding the MUCH anticipated flying mounts. Everyone who’s been playing Vanguard talks about these items, they want them probably more then anything else I have heard about. There are supposedly two being added. One will end in a raid, and the second one is raid only (as in, it can be obtained in a raid only). Now, realize that all my information is second hand from channels and I’m not sure how much actually holds any water, but that just doesn’t sound right. Have they not learned anything from EQII who has both group versions and raid versions of pretty much all their main quest lines now?

Vanguard works like EQ in the fact that content does not trivialize. Sure you won’t get experience any more, there’s a threshold for that, but if you want to go to the ant mine and take down the queen at level 50 (and gank it from a bunch of lowbies who worked really hard to get to that spot) then you’re more then welcome to, and loot the item that comes from the mob, and sell it on the broker or decon the item into a rare resource. Of course plenty of people spend their time farming and hanging out in known named locations specifically for this. So the next update is doing two things. Number one, named (boss) loot will be BoP (bind on pickup) ALL named loot, that is. Secondly, you’ll be unable to decon boss loot.

Hmms. Not exactly a bad change, but it’s the start of a slippery slope. Vanguard’s the closest thing to EQ out there (in game play, not in the way the world looks) and a majority of the people I have come across play VG straight from EQ. If they start changing things too much or continue to head down the slippery slope, they’ll loose those people (and I’ll have to spend even more time then I do now listening about how great EQ was. I KNOW how great it was, I was there!).

They are also changing the way people get dusts. I wasn’t sure of the particulars but it had crafters in a huge huff. Enough so that Silius himself (a crafting dev I imagine, his name is on the mythical craft bags we can claim) stepped into the channel to ask what people were saying. Something about them being mob drop or raid drop only if they were rare I think, instead of being able to decon them (to decon something is just like to transmute, you have the chance to decon for resources, or dust, and have a chance to fail. There’s no skill involved though, and anyone can do it with a vendor sold kit).

Those were the changes I heard most about. Again I haven’t actually seen a list, so I didn’t get to hear about anything GOOD that’s changing to Vanguard. Except the character models are apparently going to be changed in skeleton so that they’re easier to render. When they get that make over VG was promised I’ve no idea.

I’m still having plenty of fun, guild’s going strong, and there’s been absolutely no drama. We have our steady 5-15 people on nightly and I can’t stress enough how great it is to play with them. Even if we’re not a raiding guild. I’m still having a blast, which is important.

Progress is progress is progress.. or something


Yesterday I spent most of my game time crafting, which was a nice relaxing way to spend the day. I managed to get from level 1 to 11. I also managed to do a few quests along the way, upgrading some gear which was wonderful. Today I wanted to get the continental quests done, however Vanguard is down for a four hour patch. Apparently they found some ‘bugs’ that needed to get squished asap. Fine by me.

The guild is busy getting ready for the sloop races on the first of march, and I decided I needed a new forum signature for their forums. I don’t spend a whole lot of time chattering but I do every so often. One of the guild members was in an accident and got some hot cinders into his eye so he’s been getting well wishes from everyone. I can’t imagine how painful that would be.

I printed out the complete pdf file of crafter quests (12 pages) and have been glancing through them from time to time to make sure I do the ones that I’m of level to do. Lots of great rewards to be had there. Of course it would help if I didn’t keep getting sidetracked by diplomacy which happens far too often. I’ll be traveling to some outpost, a 15 minute run if that. Find a harvest node, or find a diplomacy quest along the way and suddenly the trip takes an hour and a half and I still haven’t made it there yet. Ah such fun.

Speaking of which I almost stuck up my second buff in Khal today, just before servers came down. With more presence you earn more faction towards the city levers. I had about 80 or so presence with crafters, so it worked out well. It moved me from “newcomer” to “known” which is great. I made a few of the blacksmith diplomacy items as well, which is far nicer then any of the quested gear I’ve gotten thus far. I could use another diplomacy bag (or two, or three) and I have to remember to keep sorting my gear so that I don’t get items that just give stats I already have on the same piece of gear (like the three pairs of pants I had that gave +soldier presence, I kept the highest one and sold the rest).

Other then crafting and diplomacy, game’s been quiet. Hopefully it’s back up and running soon. Everyone enjoy their Valentine’s Day today (I’m still excited about heading to Toronto for mine on the 23rd) and hope it’s filled with love and smooches!

Airborn, and my first civic diplomacy buff!


Yes, it’s raining in Kojan, and it’s also night time, or dusk, or something like that, equally dark so that the images are hard to make out. I’m not sure why I always seem to take screen shots in the rain. Anyhow, I needed a quick and easy way to get off of the island my guild hall is located on, and I happened to notice there was a flying mount vendor close by. You can pay 10 silver and ride a flying mount for 10 minutes. I’m flying at 266% run speed which is a nice fast pace to get from one end of the continent to the other (Martok docks, where I could port some place more sane). Flying mounts are amazing. I didn’t enjoy the actual ride of the reindeer they added at Christmas, but the Pegasus is amazing. The ride is smooth and the wings glide and it’s lots of fun to soar in the sky. 10 silver is still a lot of money to me though, so I don’t think I’ll be using this method too often.

The screen shot above is of a diplomacy buff that I actually did, all by myself. I was quite proud, it’s the first city wide buff I’ve ever attempted to do. I was looking for ways to raise my clergy presence since I was stuck in a quest, and I only needed 5 more presence. So I headed to the high elf city (ironic since I play a dark elf) and did some parle battles with the clerics located inside. I found a room of them actually, it was great, made putting the buff up much easier. I can only move the city levers by 1 point right now, so that means I moved the lever 40 points. Yes, it was a lot of parles (40) in order to get there, but I did end up walking away with a whole lot of evidence to turn in for items. Plus I hit level 10 in diplomacy, which was great.

I’ve also managed to pick up a few (three per craft) recipes that crafters get to make diplomacy gear. Another quest required I have 50 presence with arcana (which I did not, 50 is a lot to me at this level still) so I had my artificer make a jade choker, which gives +31 to that presence (and 2 others) and combined with the gear I already had, managed to finish off that quest.

There’s a diplomacy site, but it seems some what out of date, still using skill levels instead of basic levels (when Vanguard first came out diplomacy used skill, like 150, instead of just saying level 3). There’s also no clear walk through like “Diplomacy, 1-50 from A to B” which would be helpful. To tell me where to go to continue raising my diplomacy. As it is now, when I adventure to outposts and the like I just randomly start engaging in parle with people to get my experience. As well as doing the few quest chains I stumble across.

Which reminds me, I finished the Informant’s Valise quest given by Raisoor the Navigator, which gave me a 30 slot diplomacy bag. It’s already completely filled with scraps of paper and diplomacy outfits, but I’d been storing all of that in my 12 slot adventure bags, so I’m exceptionally happy to have it.

The disciple hit level 15 (and part way through) last night playing with Growlius, who hit level 16 dreadknight. Next we’re starting on the URT quests. The guild is busy getting wood and recipes together to make sloops, as we’re having a sloop race on the first of March. I think I’ll just watch that one, I’d probably end up crashing into land knowing me and killing innocent bystanders. Today, working on my crafting, trying to get the leatherworker up during the day before I adventure at night. Crafting is.. slow. Rewarding though.

One thing I’d love to see more mmo’s implement as far as crafting is concerned is work orders. Yes, EQII does have WO’s however. In Vanguard when you do a WO you have a choice to use your own raw supplies, or to use theirs. You always supply the utilities (fuel) but you don’t have to use your own raw materials if you don’t want to. You get a bonus of progress if you do use your own, but this way your harvested materials are used simply for items you’ll actually make / use / sell, and you can make it all the way to 50 without harvesting anything at all (which is also suggested). It’s a great way to level.

Hopefully things are going well with everyone else, too. Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and of course Vanguard has their heart shaped items spread throughout various cities that you can claim for your own home, no quests this year though. Which reminds me, I’ll have to add more parts to my house shortly I think, either that, or at least deposit some more money for rent.

Oh, and completely unrelated, jango rocks. Especially since Pandora started blocking me due to the Canadian IP. I know it’s only a matter of time before this one blocks me too, but in the mean time I’m enjoying it.

Ever Seen a Spider Wearing Shoes?


One thing adventurers in every mmo have always asked themselves, or a comment that has always come up from time to time, is WHERE the mobs end up getting their items from. How does a cat end up with a battle axe, where did that bear get the dress from, etc. So yesterday when I was wandering around on the disciple (who is now by far my most favorite class might I add) and came across a huge disgusting black spider- who I smushed, of course, and got these shoes from him pictured above, I just had to laugh at the description at the bottom.

Last night Safe Haven had a guild meeting which started a bit late but was fun none the less, we had 14 people join us all in the guild hall, crammed upstairs as it were, and went over the future of the guild. Events and the like. We’ve decided that a sloop race is in order, and people will be getting together to help build sloops for one another and harvest material for it. We’re also going to have a craft fair some time to explain to people how crafting works, and perhaps make general gear upgrades for people who need it. Not sure how that one is going to go yet as the majority of our crafters are still quite small, but hey whatever works.

At level 14 my disciple got feign death, which I can not stress enough about what an amazing skill that is. Being a healer with feign death, and having the dps that I have, is just a very nice thing, and yesterday I put it to good use. There was this crazy wizard. Well, he wasn’t always crazy. He sits way out on an island and his tower is in ruins due to some freaky accident. He sent his love to some caves and time went by and she never returned, so he assumed she’s dead. He created (or tried to at least) a device to wipe his memories of her but it went horribly wrong (of course). So he sends you (random adventurer) off to the same caves to find out what happened to Elise.

He doesn’t give you any more hints then that, and these caves are huge with level 10-14 three dot (small group) mobs. I can kill them (as can most people) just fine, but it would take a lot of work to check the entire cave. Hey, he never said I had to KILL anything in there. So I spent an hour lost in the caves searching for this woman who I assume was just gobbled up by one of these beasties that roam the halls. Oh yes. Feign death is fun.

In diplomacy I sort of got stuck (what else is new). I need to figure out if there’s another way to get presence besides gear. I need 50 presence to speak with a few people for the next portions of my quests, and I’m shy by about 30 or so. I don’t want to have to buy gear- because the quests themselves reward me with gear. Seems like a little bit of a waste of money. I’ll have to check out the diplomacy site and read up on it some. I also really want to find out where I can get a diplomacy bag. SoE was stingy on their anniversary rewards and only lets you claim one item per account, so of course my item is on my bloodmage. Damn it. They could have at least let us have 3 per account, some how I doubt having a bag for diplomacy, adventuring, or crafting is going to ruin the economy of Telon or what not.

Oh, if anyone is stopping in Vanguard by the way, look for Ishbel. I’m still hoping they fix cross game tells with Vanguard to expand across the rest of the SoE title games, but for now I’m not holding my breath.

Pfts, Who Needs Bodies Anyway


After playing my psionicist for some time, I decided that I actually missed healing, That, or I suffered suddenly from sever alt-itus, which is always a possibility in my case. I had tried the shaman and not enjoyed it, I’ve played a cleric and also not enjoyed it. I love my bloodmage but they’re too high level to adventure with my friends- so all that was left was a disciple. Which I’ve actually never tried before.

A disciple is a cross between a monk and a healer. Most of their moves either create Jin, or use Jin. If you do a combination of moves, you perform an instant heal that costs no energy, which is always nice. Most of your attacks use endurance, and you can wear bladed staffs and other monk-type things. Fistwraps and the like.

I decided to go with dark elf, because I actually like how they look in game. However, out of all the starter cities, as far as quests go (minus diplomacy quests which I’ll get into more later) I think they also lack the most. It always seems to take me twice as long to level my dark elf to any particular level then it does any other character of mine. Which is why I’ll move her to Thestra now that she’s level 10.

As far as diplomacy goes, I got hit by the bug and I got hit bad. I loved it. I spent most of my time yesterday split between taking care of my other half who’s exceptionally sick right now, and doing diplomacy in between adventuring. One quest line made me crack up laughing I just couldn’t help it.

It began with a long series of assassinations of which I was no part of I swear. Well, ok maybe just a little part of. After I’d taken care of a bunch of people (hiring others to do it, in true dark elf form) my teacher informed me I had ‘a loose end’ and I needed to take care of her too before she started talking. No problem, what was one more.

Her: Shew, about time you got here, is everyone else dead?

Me: Yes, everyone’s dead.

Her: Here, change before the guards find us, I brought us shirts!

Me: Oh good, I brought assassins!

Her: Dead.

I hit level 7 in diplomacy and managed to get some gear, not enough to progress my quests any further though, they require a lot of presence. I haven’t quite figured out how to get presence without gear yet, but I’m working on it. I did also get a yellow outfitter recipe, which is apparently to make your own player crafted cards, interesting.

So I’ll be moving the dark elf out of her Qalia home and over to Thestra (thank goodness for recall to house, so I don’t have to walk it) and attempting the quests there instead. When Vanguard first released you almost never wanted to play a dark elf – they were KoS to everyone out there, and had to grind LOTS of faction work. If you take pride in your character enough that it doesn’t bother you to work faction then it was great, here was a race to do that with, and everyone understood the sacrifices you’d made. However, with GU3 they removed the KoS portion to races in player areas. So dark elves, gnomes, goblins and the like are no longer KoS in other starter areas (or other towns at all, I can walk into Leth Nurae just fine, the high elf city). That’s actually one change I wish had not been implemented. It’s part of ‘making the game easier’ for people that I like to stay away from and thus far Vanguard has done a pretty good job. Tweaks here and there though, of course. There’s also talk of them removing the starter towns completely- you’ll start on an island much like you do in Qeynos and Freeport for EQII and then migrate to a town afterwards, they’ll bump up the starter towns to 5+ instead of 1-5, or so rumor says. Not looking forward to that at all, though I do understand their reasoning. If you play a dark elf and your friend decides to be a vulmane for example, you start on different continents. Not only that you start at opposite ends of those continents so there’s pretty much 0 chance of brand new people playing together unless you 1. Have someone in game who can show you the way 2. Start out as the same race. 3. Plot out the whole travel first before hand with online maps such as the ones you can find here. Is it possible? Sure of course it is, it’s just unlikely.

I’d rather not see an ‘island’ like in EverQuestII (who have migrated past that to include Neriak, Kelethin, and Gorowyn) but I can see how it would be pleasing to some customers.

Sloops and Caravels and.. What?


Walking through Tanvu (again, notice how it’s night time AND raining here?) on my way to check the mail and see if any of my pretties had sold, I came across a player made ship. I think this one is a caravel, which means it’s one of the larger ships. There’s sloops and caravels, one can travel into deep water, and one has to stick to the shores. You can also name your ships. When I was walking through Khal, I was amused by the names. The first one I happened to come across:

Big Tity Party Patrol

Yup. That was the name of their massive ship, I kid you not. Ships are made by carpenters, and they take a lot of work. Then agian, everything in Telon takes a lot of work. Before you get started on building an actual ship, you have to do painful quests to learn how to make each portion of the ship. This includes learning hull sections, rudder, planks in general, deck stations, spoke, helm, deck, mast pole, mast mount, getting rigging and sails, and learning mast assembly, then also doing a continental quest to learn one of the three styles of sloops. Oh joy hmms?

After all that comes the materials for a real boat. For a real sloop for example, you need:

  • 176 Dry Timber
    5 Arid Timber
    24 Iron Ore:
    5 Box of Fasteners (3 iron ore each)(15 iron ore total)
    2 iron bindings (1 iron ore each)(2 iron ore total)
    1 Mast Mount (8 iron ore each)(8 iron ore total)
    4 Rotwort Ship Paste (can be bought from any shipwright)
    1 Ship Paint (many different choices, buy from any shipwright)
    34 Firegrass Bales:
    1 Small Thestran Sail(10 firegrass bales)(10 firegrass bales total)
    1 Small Mast Rigging(8 firegrass ropes, 3 firegrass per rope)(24 firegrass bales total)

That’s for the small boat. No wonder people take such pride in their crafted dinghies. For the caravel it’s not much better. You need to learn a general quest proving your worth to make these monsters, then learn the hull, the rudder, learn how to make a caia figurehead, deck stations, spoke, helm, deck, mast pole, getting a mast pole, rigging and sails, mast assembly, and then a quest over all to learn how to make a continental caravel. The supplies needed for that one?

  • 307 Knotted Timber(307 Knotted Planks)
    5 Warped Timber(3 rare select spokes)(2 rare select planks)
    46 pyrite ore
    1 mast mount(12 pyrite ore per mast mount)
    4 Pyrite bindings (1 pyrite ore each)
    10 Pyrite Fasteners (3 pyrite ore each)
    6 Lotus Ship Paste
    51 silkbloom
    1 Medium Thestran Sail(15 silkbloom each)
    1 Medium Thestran Rigging(36 silkbloom each)(12 silkbloom ropes each)(3 silkbloom each rope)

When things only stack up to 20, and you need 307 of something, that’s a lot of space taken up with crafting stuff. Granted you do have a full sized bank on each continent, and I suppose that’s what alts are for in Vanguard, but still, that’s a lot of stuff to stash away some place. Kudos to those people out there who go down the ship building path, I have a small understanding of how much work must have went into the blasted thing.

Graphic wise the ships differ by make and model, colour and continent. I love that about Vanguard, everything is fairly unqiue to some certain degree. More so then EQII at least where everyone ends up looking like cardboard cut outs of one another. Apparently in time galleons will be added to the game, which people seem excited about.

As I gated home (since you can only purchase one house per account, each one of your alts will get the “call home” recall button) I noticed.. half my neighbours were missing and their plots are now for sale. My plot is located fairly close to the Vulmane starting town, one chunk away actually which is fairly covenant for me. I used to have neighbours with fairly well built houses on either side of me in my little section, and now their houses are gone and the plots are for sale. That’s what happens when your rent expires, your stuff will go to escrow for you to claim at a later date if you return, but in the mean time you can loose your plot if someone else decides to buy the land while you’ve not paid your rent. I stuck a couple of gold (rent is 25s a week) into the rent section of my house so that this (hopefully) won’t happen to me. Not that I’ve made any more progress on my home. I need to get my artificer to level 35 or so in order to start proper construction, and I haven’t checked out the prices on broker lately to see what the base materials cost any more *note to self, do that today*. Valentines day items are coming to Vanguard on Tuesday apparently, and I have to admit the house items look pretty interesting. I still love the way Vanguard’s housing is set up, so that you feel like you own an actual piece of the game, no zones at all, you just walk along adventuring and stumble across someone’s house (which is typically locked to random strangers, boo, how can I explore their decorating that way?!) not to mention the ability to put chests in your house and fill those chests with items that you don’t feel like dragging along with you. Anyhow, enough of my rambling, safe travels where ever you game, be it Norrath, Azeroth, Telon, or some other pixel world.

Today I’m off to Winterlude, depending on the snow in town, a winter festival that’s a lot of fun with a lot of ice sculptures. Hopefully I’ll get some nice pictures!

… Where are their clothes?!


There’s nothing worse then being attacked by cave men in loin cloths. At least, that was my experience yesterday. Teamed up with a Dreadknight to do some adventuring on the psionicist who managed to hit level 12 by the time all was said and done. Her gear is still exceptionally under where I’d like it to be, but I spent yesterday afternoon crafting some jewelry for her, so it’s only the regular gear slots that are lacking at the moment. Forgot to actually go and buy the new spells I got at 12, oh well. Filled up my journal with quests from the Halgarad area, and a few little outposts close by. We were sent to kill Corrupted Varanjar, who acted like psycho vodo men and were worshipping some gnome leader, I kid you not. Once we smacked a few of those around we were sent after the leader who dropping a pair of nice cloth booties for me, and on the second time around dropped a belt for the DK. Not plate, but it was better then what he was wearing.

Guild was quiet, a few people are on vacations and what not, we have a few new members, so people are playing their lowbies again. I’m still not sure what craft I want for the psi, if any. The guild already has a few high level tailors which would be the obvious choice for me since I wear cloth. I think I’ll just stick with the three I have, and then perhaps make a carpenter if I ever actually get my house crafted. The guild crafters are mostly 30-40 range, none are 50 yet. Crafting is long and tedious in Vanguard, and takes a lot of work, nothing like any other mmo I’ve ever played before. A lot of it is also random, and you hear people cursing the “RGN” gods frequently. You need to grind a lot, faction at outposts to learn continental styles, WO’s (work orders) to get sigils to buy recipes starting at 20+ and just the skills themselves in order to get any where. Then there’s the crafting quests people need to do in order to upgrade their gear and what not. It’s a lucrative business, in Vanguard if you’re a crafter at all and sell any of your supplies, you’re basically rich. Well, not rich, but you’re guaranteed to have more coin then your average adventurer. Though there’s plenty of stories about gold farmers and duping coin out there, so I imagine the market for that is fairly strong as well, even though yes, it’s against the EULA.

Slowly moving the adventuring party to the West, now that we’re over level 12 we can start the URT quests, even though we’re a bit small yet most of it should be ok over time to duo. Once those are done it’s off to Qalia to start the Hunters League quests. I still haven’t spent a whole lot of time on Qalia, but I’ve gotten to know Thestra pretty well now, and I like it a lot. The Kojan continent used to be my favorite until I branched out and explored, then realized how half assed it was done compared to the other continents. It may be good until level 17 or so, but then you’ll really want to move out. There’s plenty of quests on Thestra to take you where ever it is you need to go, not to mention long chains.

Tonight, aiming for level 14, you get new spells every two levels (and I get a new gestalt at level 15, forget what form it is though) that you buy from trainers. In the screen shot I’m actually not invisible, I’m standing around in my astral form stance- I hate the way it makes me look invisible though. Not sure what my next stance is, just know that I get it at level 15, and that I’ll have to look up where the block is (again) because I keep forgetting.

Other then that, and counting down the days before the concert, things are blissfully quiet. I’m hoping Vanguard’s next big patch (due at the end of February, or so people were told) will implement a few key things (at least for me). Tells were supposed to work across games much like the rest of SoE’s games work, as well as channels- but it broke some time ago and hasn’t been fixed since. It would be nice to be able to talk to the rest of the bloggers no matter the game I’m playing. Universal channels, that’s what I want! I’m not sure if character revamps go in this patch (probably not, I haven’t heard that much of a buz about it, at least not lately) but that would be a dream, especially if they want to get players back.

Every day on the continental channels I hear plenty of new people trying the game, but I’m not sure how many are actually sticking around. The chat is filled with ‘wow I love this game I should have tried it earlier’ and yes, it’s fair share of frustrated pissed off people (like when social chat servers went bonkers last night). Either way, I still hold steady to my thought that the game’s got potential, it’s a shame that for the past year the reputations just been getting worse, if they want to honestly fix things, SoE will need to do something drastic (change those character models!). Oh. Riftways are changing too, and I’m really not keen on the changes. They’re adding them to more locations (making it easier for people to instantly teleport from city to city to play with friends, not so bad at a low new level, but just dumbing down travel at higher levels) and they’re adding a constant charge to using riftways- as much as 50 silver for a level 50 rift. That’s a huge amount of money to me, I think I’ll just continue walking by foot (or hoof, as the case may be).

P.S. I hate the text font they use in VG. That screen shot would be ten times better if I turned them off. Didn’t have time in the fight though.

Lets Try This, and Tickets Arrive!


First of all, the tickets for the James Blunt concert came today by Fed-Ex, I’ve mentioned once or twice I’m excited. Ok, maybe a few more times then that. Again, never been to a concert so it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I’m 26 after all, my 17 year old baby brother has been to more concerts then I have. My only concern is the weather, I’m hoping the drive down will be nice. As I look out the window today and see another 10cm of snow I’m cursing slightly under my breath. Hey, it is Canada though, we’ll still be seeing snow in early May.

I decided to make a psionicist late last night, logged out before doing anything (other then getting her guilded) though, and picked up with it today instead. Now she’s level 10. Not bad. A huge thank you to Lanatra from guild who supplied me with a few silkbloom bags- wow those things are HUGE compared to what I’ve been using (28 slot vs. 14 slot) I enjoy the little community of the guild. Every night there are 5-15 people on, day times are a little slower, I believe the majority of the every-day-gamers are pacific as far as time zones go, so maybe I miss some. During the day there are typically 3-4 on doing their own things or relaxing after working nightshift. That doesn’t sound like fun at all.

The class is a lot of fun, I made it for a duo team with a Dreadknight, I was using the bard, but honestly bards can solo just fine on their own, so I wanted something that was a little harder to solo with, that I would benefit from a duo with. Does that make sense? I think it does. Anyhow.

I have one ‘stun’ that works as a mez so far, I also have invis (which has a nasty habbit of breaking just as you walk past that four dot creature every time) and some nukes. I have two buffs, one is a bond I form with other psi that enhance my power regen, and the other is a wis / int buff for my group. I also have a stance, which I had to physically go get by clicking on some gestalt scattered throughout the world of Telon. I found this post which at least tells me what level I get a new one at, and where to find them per continent. Very handy information. This is another priceless site for Vanguard stuff, crafting related, and for all those diplomacy people out there, make sure you bookmark this. This site explains how to use the G15 keyboard to program crafting macros (so your wrists don’t fall off) and while I haven’t figured it out yet, I intend to. One of the best places to find information on diplomacy is here, and if you’re looking for fantastic maps, look no further then here. Everything you wanted to know about building your own house, can be found here. Figured I’d share a few of my favorite links, ones I use quite frequently while I play. I know Vanguard is certainly not for everyone, and there’s still plenty of bugs, but for some strange reason it’s stuck with me despite those. Probably because I remember how it was at release, and I had such high hopes for it.

The screen shot above is blurred because it’s raining out, which is an annoying weather factor that is slowly growing on me. It seems like it’s either always night time, or always raining, or raining and night time, and when Christmas was around it was always snowing. Inside buildings, that’s how powerful snow on Telon is (to be fair, the whole raining in buildings thing has now been fixed). Psi get to cast clones of the mobs they are fighting, they do no real damage but they inure a lot of hate, so you can snare and nuke a few shots before the mob (depending on it’s difficulty vs. you) will see through the illusion and slowly shamble over your way (as long as you’ve snared. Remember, you’re squishy, you’re going to die if you’re fighting something hard and it sees through that illusion and comes bolting after you). I’m thinking carpenter as far as tradeskill classes go, I haven’t quite decided though. My mino hit level 17 and I’d like to keep leveling that so I can at least get more pieces done on my house. Outfitter (specifically tailor) would be nice so then I could make my own gear- but how many times have I wanted to be able to make my own furniture. I suppose it’d be best to actually finish the house first, then worry about making things to put inside. It’s a little difficult to hang things on the walls that I don’t have yet.

Oh, and as a side note before it gets mentioned. I know how hideously ugly¬† those character models are (that’s a high elf pictured above, not that you can tell at all by the man-ish arms and hair that’s cut through her back) I’m keeping my fingers crossed on those revamps.

Crafter Epic.. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly..

SPOILER don’t read if you don’t want to know!

By now you’ve all probably found out that the crafter epic starts in Bathezid’s Watch. You need to have some faction before they’ll talk to you. I know you don’t need max, but I’m not sure the specifics yet. It worked fine with -17,000 for me. You talk to an npc standing by the forges, who asks for some help with supplies. He sends you on a little quest to make 20 items — and pays you 31g which means they take 69g of your hard earned money.

After you complete that little quest, they want to hear about the shattered lands and what’s been going on. You respond with one of five answers, and none of them lead anywhere except for the talk of Rivervale. He tells you about th cabbageleaf family- and in my specific case, about some jewelry that they made, suggesting I go check it out.

So I wandered to The Fool’s Gold, the tavern right close to the entrance of Rivervale. Find one Cabbageleaf with a quest icon, who decides that she’ll help me- if I can get her some honey. It’s not that simple though, of course not.

First I have to find a way to get into that hive (drafling tower) undetected. So she sends you to Steamfont mountains, to talk to an npc there, a gnome, who agrees to help you if of course you help him. He sends you running around for bits and pieces to create a smoke bomb type contraption that will knock out the bixie. You have to collect piece from Steamfont, look along the walls that lead towards loping plains. They’re clickies, the power source right before the zone. Head into Loping and you’ll want to go to the village, in the graveyard is where you’ll find your plant harvests. They can be targeted with tab.

Return all those to steamfont, get your smoke machine, head back to Rivervale. Lots of walking, bring good shoes.

You’ll get ported into a special crafter instance of drafling tower, which for me was filled with level 93^^^ heroics. Joy. Smoke bomb them before they can hit you and you can walk past them harmlessly. If you’re lucky you’ll have EQII maps, follow the left path, and in the center of the room not too far is your honey. Collect some of that, and use your necklace to port back to Rivervale.

Of course the journey doesn’t end there. Oh no. The quest differs for some people I believe, but for my jeweler the rest of the quest looked like this:

Head to Maj’Dul, and find someone in an observatory tower who can help you out further. Zone into the Tower of the Moon, and upstairs an npc tells you that there are recipe book pages in the library, but be careful because they don’t like strangers there. Great. They were not kidding. Zone into a special instance where the door is now open at the front right hand side as you enter Maj’Dul, and you’ll be faced with a library. Lots of books. Lots of very angry librarians. To your left and right are book shelves with clicky books. Gather a few. Wait, gather more then a few, gather a good few. Hotkey them in easy reach, and WHOMP throw them at those mean nasty librarians. That’s right, abuse those books and throw them.

The quest wants you to collect 4 pages. They’re all on the shelves in the basement on the right hand side. Knock out the librarians as you go, they turn agro again in one minute, so collect a few, run back to the stairs, if you have to. This part was the bane of my evening, I died at least 12 times, and when you die, you loose your harvested pages, and get to start all over again, and again, and again.

Finally, you manage to snag all four pages, and you’ve got to put them together. Go back upstairs and on the bookshelf to your right you’ll find a clicky with a recipe book there to fix the loose pages. Scribe that, level 100 recipe. With those four pages you collected you can create the object you need. Head back to Rivervale with all of that done, and you’ll get a recipe unique to your tradeskill class that she’s shared with you. Anyone who played EQ1 remembers these ingredients:

  • Blessed Fishing Rod
  • Celestial Solvent
  • Ceremonial Solstice Robe
  • Mistletoe Cutting Sickle
  • Misty Thicket Picnic Basket
  • Protection of the Cabbage Spell
  • Ruby-Encrusted Stein
  • Smithy Hammer
  • Demi-Sec Champagne

With your unique recipe you cheer to yourself, not really looking at the quest. Then, the smile slowly fades. You’ve got to be kidding. It can’t be. Oh, but it is.

You need to commission 8 other crafters, for 8 other lore no trade parts. One from each crafter + your own piece. Oh. @#$%.

Each combine uses a T5 rare (and if you’re lucky enough, your server still has some priced fairly cheap, on Najena, everything was bought up by one rude crafter– not me, and re-sold for 6p each). They also each use two smoldering materials, and two scintillating materials. Flowers will work in exchange if someone bought up all those too and is pricing them at 60g each.

That’s the step I’m on right now. As of this moment I’ve got 5/9 pieces, and it’s a long long night. I need an alchemist, a woodworker, a carpenter, and a weaponsmith to finish my epic. At least, I think it’s the end. I hope it’s the end. I’m praying it’s the end. It’s probably not the end.. *sighs*

I was disappointed to see that the valentines stuff didn’t make it in, though I suppose they only had room for so much today. Maybe tomorrow? Other then the crafter epic, which is about all I’ve been working on, the channels have been spammed with “where’s my epic starter!” “I want to know such and such about my epic” etc etc. for all those adventurers out there. It’s crazy. A good portion of me is thinking I should have just left EQII alone tonight.

On the plus side. I did disco everything up to this portion of the quest. There are other crafters ahead of me now I’m sure since guilds have advantages of knowing people who, you know, craft. Which I don’t have available. Ah well. I’m happy I got this far!

GU#42 – EverQuestII Notes


  • A new epic quest line is available for every class of adventurer and crafter who has reached level 80.
  • The Avatars of the Gods have returned with renewed strength and new members: The Tribunal, Karana and Bertoxxolous.
  • New mannequins are available for displaying armor and weapons in your house. You can acquire them from some of your more dedicated and advanced crafting friends.
  • Two new UI windows are available: Pet Options and Connection Status. Check out the User Interface section for details.
  • PvP armor sets and PvP based writs are now available on the PvP servers.


  • Summoners are now granted an additional spell at level 2 so they can complete Arcane Storm properly.
  • NPC’s in raid zones that you would normally see will no longer disappear when running on low graphics settings.
  • The Clockwork Menace Factory will once again allow you to enter as long as one group member has the power cell key.
  • AFK flags will no longer be removed when zoning.
  • Racial innate abilities are now displayed in the achievement window along with the traits, traditions and trainings.
  • Mount Merchant Laydin Haggus of Teren’s Grasp will now sell high level mounts to those allied with the forces of evil.


  • At long last, PvP Armor Sets are now available! Seek out Lady Arlen Sunbeam and Sir Drofecid Tops in Kylong Plains for more information.
  • Spread throughout the world, you can now find characters that give out pvp based writs. Tokens have been removed from player drops and are now obtained through the writ system.
  • Shrink effects will no longer work on PvP servers
  • Charmed mobs should not be as powerful as they once were
  • Transcribers should no longer give out temporary spells from the Necromancer Siphoning of Souls line
  • Coercers
    -Agonizing Silence line has had its stifle duration reduced


  • You can now search for items on the broker by effect name. For example, open the advanced search page and enter “Aura of Agility” in the item effect field to find all items with this effect.


  • Frostfell themed food house items now remain edible all year round.
  • The lust, devotion, passion and love candles can now have their hearts lit or extinguished.
  • Rare leather pelts found in treasure chests should stack with harvested rare leather pelts from now on. They still may not stack with older pelts, however. (Local tradeskill society advisors suggest pack rats may therefore wish to use the older ones up first.)
  • Clockwork Earring has been renamed to Clockwork Ring to reflect its equip slot
  • Red-saddled Midnight Mistrunner Horse Whistle should now be usable by Good-aligned players.
  • Heartfinder should no longer give error messages about lacking the required skill to use.
  • Seared Bandolier and Buz’zard’s Shortbow should no longer move to your overflow after zoning.
  • Most power healing procs will no longer break stealth.
  • The proc on Bristlebane’s Cane of Trickery should now trigger correctly.


  • Gorowyn
    The elevator in Gorowyn will now stop in line with the platforms.
  • Sinking Sands
    There should now be fewer unreachable mining nodes in the Sinking Sands. Should you encounter any after this update, please submit a /bug with the location.
  • Kunzar Jungle
    Repeatable quests in Kunzar Jungle now give more faction.
  • Charasis: the Maiden’s Chamber
    -Bilithu of the Old Ways:
    Summons of the Feaster is no longer affected by mana draining spells and abilities.
    Bilithu’s power pool has been reduced.-Drusella Sathir:
    Drusella’s Necromantic Aura now initially clears all hostile spells cast on her.
    While under the protection of her necromantic aura, Drusella will no longer auto attack.
  • Isle of Mara
    Artisan quests on the Isle of Mara now grant tradeskill experience, instead of adventure experience.


  • Bruiser
    Enhance: Knockout line should properly update the damage now.


  • Level 60 to 70 dumbfire pets should now scale properly with the caster before an upgraded spell is available.
  • Berserker
    The adrenaline power drain will no longer be absorbed by wards.
  • Brigand
    Amazing reflexes can no longer have its trigger percentage modified unless specified explicitly.
  • Necromancer
    Siphoning of Souls should now return the appropriate level spell for Soothing Soul.
  • Ranger
    Hook Arrow should no longer move stationary creatures and objects.
  • Shaman
    An issue that might cause wards to have a long delay in their initial update after zoning has been fixed.
  • Warlock
    Dark Broodlings should now cast at the level of the caster.


  • Repeating the Sebilis quests “Swords To Be Swiped” and “Sathirian Hunting Party” will now reward more Synod Reet faction than previously.
  • While on the quest, “In Honor and Service”, players that accidentally destroyed the orc expedition keys can now loot them again if they are on the stage requiring them to open the chests.
  • The first stage of the quest “The Teachings of Yoru” now updates correctly on the number of wood pieces collected.
  • The quest “An Ugly Bounty” has received a new reward, and players who have sold their previous rewards can return and purchase the new earring if they wish.
  • The quest “Nothing on the Mind” in Jarsath Wastes no longer awards the same item as the quest “Deadly Waters!” For those that have already finished “Nothing on the Mind” Mirg Nel’Ron, The Sel’Nok Brigade Quartermaster, has a new item to sell you.


  • Grandmasters belonging to the tradeskill societies of the five starting cities now offer another quest for crafters level 30 and above who have completed their previous quest, Journeyman Service. Seek out Grandmaster Kawayzer (West Freeport), Grandmaster Kimbialis (Ironforge Exchange, off North Qeynos), Grandmaster Zyrythius (Neriak), Grandmaster Feldmanus (Kelethin), or Grandmaster Jayak (Gorowyn) to begin.
  • Tradeskill societies in the five starting cities of Norrath now offer a new recipe book to those they regard warmly.
  • Provisioners noticed they had two separate recipes for prickly pear muffins, and have reformulated the level 55 recipe to create prickly pear crumpets instead. Mmm, crumpets.
  • The recipe for luscious cranberry pie with cream now requires 6 fuel, but the pie will last longer.
  • “Hair of the Dog” is now a level 25 provisioner recipe, instead of level 35.
  • Carpenters will find two new recipes, one in each of carpenter essentials volume 60 and 62, which should be pleasing for home decorators.
  • The number of charges on the Gnomish Safety Recaller has been increased to 20.
  • “Fizzlebottom’s Wondrous Hover-gasser” recipe book is now known as “Fizzlebottom’s Remarkable Rechargeration Recipes” and also contains a recharger recipe for the Gnomish Safety Recaller. It is still for sale in Steamfont Mountains at Gnomeland Security.
  • The Gigglegibber’s Secret of Death now has only a 1 second casting time.
  • Scintillating restorative stitching now has a minimum required level to use of 60, in line with other adornments of the same level.
  • Condemning Smite Adept III now correctly returns 2 flickering dust as a byproduct.
  • “Common Writing” and “Spectral Influx” sage reaction arts should now correctly prevent a failure when used to counter an event.


  • Pets should now be able to keep up with their owners.
  • Each pet will now keep his name when zoning instead of all using the current pet name.


  • There is a new command for un-equipping items in your appearance slots. /unequip_appearance <slot>
  • Pet Options Window
    The pet options window allows you to set custom options for every pet you have.
    To open this window, right click on a pet and choose Pet Options or type /petoptions. Settings persist through recasting of your pet and include:
    Pet Name
    Pet Hide Status
    Controllable pet states:
    – Protect Me
    – Protect Self
    – Stay
    – Follow
    – Fight Melee
    – Fight Ranged
  • Connection Stats Window

We’ve added a connection statistics window which will show your ping, bytes per second, frames per second and packet loss. The default key to toggle this window is F11.

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