There’s a Storm Brewing..


There’s a storm brewing in Telon these past few days, and I don’t mean the beautiful one captured in the screen shot above, although that one is far more interesting in my opinion. GU4 was supposed to hit live servers today, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s not on the schedule. There was one brief comment by a dev about the supposed release, and nothing more. This makes for some exceptionally restless players. This GU is a huge one, implementing the flying mount quests, a revamp of the riftway systems, numerous fixed bugs regarding quests (we hope), and helmets. Veteran rewards are also making a showing (although some lucky people are able to claim them on live now due to a bug). Even the typically calm and quiet craft channel has been abuzz, and people’s tempers seem to flare easily. It could just be the weather, or maybe it’s a full moon in the world of Telon.

The screen shot is taken at River Palace, in Qalia. I’m standing on the side of a mountain looking down, and one of the unique features that Vanguard offers is weather patterns. You can actually watch a storm rolling in. This one’s about to hit the arena way off in the distance. What was I even doing here? Well my Kojan housing brick and cornerstone sent me to the ruins that are just on the right hand side, to study stones. A huge thank you to Skaara, (level 50 guild ranger) who helped me collect my bricks among the level 35 three dot mobs (mean and nasty to this 27 blood mage). In return I built him a house.

My own house is coming along nicely, but very slow. Most of the ‘nice’ house furnishings are carpenter made and people on Seradon are not afraid to charge what they think their time is worth. Too bad I don’t value their time quite as much, and thus my house will sit mostly empty for the time being until I can either make the items myself, or inherit a large sum of money. Whichever comes first. The items are beautiful though, and I adore having four chests for storage in the home which all of my alts (and friends who I give permission to) can access. I’ve been stashing my lower tier crafting supplies there for now to free up some space.

Satia left off at level 9 diplomat when I left Telon last March, though that was before diplomacy had actual levels, and back when it was skill points. Some where along the way she managed to get 500 presence with Tanvu, which is always great. I believe that’s what I need in order to start writs, but I can’t seem to find any other information on that in the time being- vgtact has been down for two days now and I’ve no idea if it will be fixed any time soon. Hopefully it will, I know a lot of diplomats rely on that site for their quest information. I managed to ding her level 10 this morning before servers came down for maintenance, and got her diplomacy bag so that I can stop stashing clothing items in my banks.

Tonight Growlius and I will be starting the Shadowhound quest, which I’m excited about. Though I’d rather ride a unicorn I think, I will do that quest another time. There’s more people who want Shadowhound, and the quest requires a group where as unicorn can be done with a small group or duo team. We’ll have to see how it goes in any case.

Oh, also, welcome Anakh to Save Haven! Fellow blogger and EQII player. It’s great to have such a wonderful community of people.

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  1. João Carlos says:

    It is only my humble opinion, but….

    I think that Southwatch area will have a huge lag after GU4.

    By the way, I can be wrong, but I think that is you start the Shadowhound quest you cannot start the Unicorn quest. I am not sure, however. If you really want the unicorn better you verify it before start Shadowhound quest. Anyway, both special mounts have same statistics, so the Unicorn or the Shadowhound are only for the visuals and marketing. Yes, marketing, who will group with a DK that have a Unicorn mount?

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