Promoted to Officer, Surprise!


Well, like the title says, yesterday I was promoted to Officer within Safe Haven. Came as a surprise to me, but at the same time I could understand why. Not because my leadership qualities are all that extraordinary, but mainly because I play during the day time and the guild has a small lack of officers who play during that time, the majority play during the PST hours, when I’m headed off to bed. Of course I accepted the position and was tickled pink that my name came up none the less. It doesn’t mean I’ll be acting any differently in guild for the most part, aside from being able to recruit people to the guild and adding them instead of just telling them to wait until an Officer logs on.

Screen shot above is my house, coming along slowly. The fireplace I built myself, and there will be fire in it once I buy some. Yes, I have to actually buy the fire to put into the fireplace. The bed was a gift from Skaara, fellow officer, one of his veteran rewards (that are not supposed to be on live yet, but there’s a small bug where people on test who claim theirs can now claim them on live) thankfully this time around it’s per character, and not per account. At least on test it is. The rug is a thestran round one from Lanatra, who is one of the guilds resident tailors. A huge thank you to her, who also crafted that basket by the fireplace that you can just barely make out on the left hand side.

Last night Growlius and I teamed up with a bard and a sorcerer from guild (their names escape me right now) to work on the shadowhound quest. I found out you can do both mount quests (thank you Skaara for the information) so I’ll do the unicorn another time. We ripped through everything we had to kill, which was great. Spent a few hours working on it and Growlius managed to ding level 27, and I hit 28 which meant new spells. Nothing exceptionally exciting there, it seems that level 30 will be the new ‘big’ level I get spells at.

Borgio was on this morning, showing off a weapon he made for his wife, and I had to giggle at the pride we all take in our crafted goods. Satia hit level 36 crafter, and today I’m aiming for 37. Of course if a sigil or two dropped along the way I wouldn’t complain. It will simply be nice to hit T5 in something, even if it is crafting. Upgrade recipes will come with time.

Mayahdros (hope I spelled that right, I’m going by memory) was on last night as well, and I’m going to assume today has a snow day (though maybe not everyone is experiencing the huge storm Ottawa is being pelted by right now) so maybe I’ll have some company in guild at least. Things have been nice and calm in guild for the most part, we did just recruit 7 new people from another guild, so there’s been an influx of new members. Of course officer or not I make it my duty to get to know everyone and say hello and what not. Community is key in a game like Vanguard especially (it’s key in most mmo’s) and without it, folks will leave. I’d rather them stick around and explore Telon as long as possible.

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  1. Mayadhros says:

    I’ve pretty much solo’d up to 16, which isn’t probably saying much. Soloing seems doable, but slow. You will need to team up with at least one other to do some of the harder group quests. But as a paladin, I have found I can solo most quests my level that require a small group.

  2. stargrace says:

    Seradon is the server

    As far as grouping, I don’t find it required at all. Yes, things go faster, yes, you can explore some amazing dungeons, but there are plenty of things you can also do in a solo / duo team (which is what I’ve basically done to 28 so far).

    As far as giving Vanguard a shot- yes, a guild is key I’d say. Other wise you’re left wondering where to go and how to accomplish things. The game does not lead players around very well at all. It’s left up to other players to do. As far as my guild goes, Safe Haven is wonderful, we have members in all spheres of all level ranges, very low key with anywhere from 10-20 of us on a night. They’re an amazing bunch of people and I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know each and every one of them over the past month or so. I can’t say that enough.

  3. Openedge1 says:

    Officer eh?
    From everything I have read, a guild is a need in this game…and with grouping being almost required (has this changed?) I have avoided trying it out due to not wanting to be left to learn the many intricacies..
    But, now I know who to go to for guildiness….(my new word…like it?)

    What server was that again?

  4. Mayadhros says:

    Yes, I did have a snow day. But no time to play during the day cept for about 40 minutes. Babies are the bane of gaming time.

    Gratz on the officer-ship!

  5. Tipa says:

    Note to self… don’t move to Ottawa.

    It was -8C a week or so back. Other than that it’s been pretty warm lately.

  6. stargrace says:

    We’ve had over 350cm of snow this winter (last years total was 100cm) and today it was -17c or so with 25cm of snow, not to mention another 15cm saturday, and another 10cm monday…. yeah.. I’m ready for winter to be over. Oh, and freezing rain on top of all of that. A week ago it was -35c…… *grumbles*

  7. Tipa says:

    Oh yeah, here in the semi-tropics of Connecticut, we’re just having thunderstorms that washed away the snow. The temperature was 5C and rising at 8AM this morning. Spring? Maybe. Feels like it… was 11C yesterday but it fell to 7C as the storm came in.

    Thanks to the Celsius-speaking sign on the way to work, I feel more Canadian than ever!

  8. stargrace says:

    I keep waiting for them to fix that Tipa, cross game channels and tells worked for a very brief stint, and then got all buggered up again along the way… soon(tm) I hope.. Miss everyone in channel too!

  9. Tipa says:

    Grats on officership!

    Miss ya in bloggers though. Make the VG devs implement cross-game chat channels!

  10. Anakh says:

    All bow down to Her Fearful Majesty! Officer! Bow down I say! All joking aside, congrats, you seem to deserve it from what I’ve seen. Really enjoying Safe Haven so far and all the great people in it.

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