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Is that one hump or two? An indication of just how friendly the GM’s in Vanguard are. Growlius (thought he) misplaced an item from the mail, and figured it was deleted. So he petitioned. Within 15 minutes a GM was standing before us, and they indicated that you can’t accidentally delete mail with attachments still, but that it was probably returned to sender (which it was). Not only was the response prompt, but they had the curtsey to show up where we were adventuring. Another such example is when I spent the day trying to learn my T4 Thestran cornerstones and bricks. I could not for the life of me figure out why the npc would not give me the quest. I’d read walk throughs and thought I did everything right.

It turned out that the whole time, I was at the wrong npc trying to get the quest. The GM ported me to the proper npc, asked me if I could get the quest (which I could) and ported me back to where I was before that whole mess. Since it was my fault to begin with, I was exceptionally surprised the GM didn’t just tell me I was at the wrong npc, and have me go on my way.

For the past two nights I’ve been working away at the Shadowhound quest. Growlius and I teamed up with Photons (a sorcerer) to complete a bunch of “kill 45 of these guys” type quests. I also got an upgrade for my wrists, not difficult since I was wearing level 8 ones (woopsie). I managed to get level 38 crafter today, which is a nice milestone for me. Three more levels (three more days? Hopefully, that’s what I’m trying for) and I’ll be T5 officially. I’ve been trying to level up diplomacy at the same time, which is also slow going. I did a few parles today involving some pirates around the coast of Tawar Galan, and then ‘accidentally’ poisoned someone who carves bows, and stole one from them (why didn’t I just pay? Not sure, does it matter? Dead bodies rock).

The guild recruiting has slowed down some after a very busy week last week (we had over 10 new members join in the last week and a half or so) and I’m hoping that we’ll still pick up people here and there. We have a constant base of 10-20 people on nightly and then a lot of casual people who log in as much (or as little) as they can. Either way it’s all good. I’m thinking of a guild event to host, part of being an officer is of course being involved in the guild as much as possible, Gozad hosted a sloop race on the first of March that was a lot of fun (even though I had to miss it due to a snow storm) and I’d like to take a turn at it. I’ve no idea what I’ll plan yet though, I’ll have to see how it goes.

This weekend I was going to go see 10,000 BC, but we’re due for another huge snow storm on Saturday so I may just be keeping indoors and waiting for it all to melt. Again. I’d also like to buy the next book to my Kushiel’s series that I’ve been reading, the books are so intriguing to me and I openly admit that I base a lot of Satia’s character traits on the little anguissette from the novels. How can a blood mage be anything but.

A friend of mine mentioned in an email that she thought I was leveling very slowly in Vanguard, where as in EQII I rushed through at a steady pace. One thing I had to mention to her as a reminder is that EQII now has a level cap of 80, and Vanguard still has their level cap of 50. Some people say leveling is very quick and easy- and it’s not the case with me. I don’t find it THAT slow, but I do find it slower then EQII. Of course, in EQII I also have three years of playing backing me up, I know where to go and I could box, it made a world of difference. In Telon I’m stumbling around trying to figure out where to go next and not die along the way. Plus I’m working up the three spheres. So I craft during the day when I’m tending to real life stuff, and then adventure for a few hours at night when more people log on. The game is still very exciting to me though, despite how ‘drab’ these posts may seem like.

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