No Cluck (or, Cluck You)


Growlius was curious whether or not he could petition to be turned into a chicken in Vanguard. I dared him to do it, of course I didn’t (at the time) think about how the GM’s would react to being interrupted in their daily schedules of ‘more important things’ but oh well. 5 minutes later, this was the response. An indication of dedication, or just too much time on their hands, we didn’t care. It was great. Growlius and I are by Trengal Keep, working on our shadowhound quests, with our own pet chickens (veteran rewards).

We each need two levels before we can finish the quest (and before we can even get the next portion) so tonight we’re headed to River Palace, which is beautiful. It should be fun.

Crafting, is painful. I’ve managed to get level 39, and two more sigils. Two more levels and I’ll be tier 5. Not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with 1 level a day though. We’ll see how it goes.

I had a worry, in game. One that doesn’t creep up often, but ever once in a while. I worry about what my readers think about me after they meet me in game. I don’t exactly write the same way on this blog as I act in game. Sure, there are similarities, but once you meet me I often wonder if people are left with a sense of “woah, I didn’t expect that..” or something of the sort. I don’t swear on this site but I do from time to time in guild, or on vent. Especially if I’m excited / flustered about something. I try to keep the site at some what of a ‘professional’ level and leave the childish remarks out of it (when possible) but in guild I’m quite easy going and relaxed, I talk a lot (that doesn’t change between blog and game or even in person) and I’ll talk about anything at all. I do mean anything. I always worry that readers will almost expect me to behave a certain way, and that I will some how let them down.

I have read other people’s sites, and then met them in game and thought to myself ‘wow, this person is really interesting and neat’ which I’d probably already thought if I was reading to begin with. It’s nice to see the attitudes in a relaxed atmosphere though, and it doesn’t get any more relaxed then the Safe Haven ventrillo server, where I spend most of my evenings just chumming around with guild mates.

Ah life is good.

Now, who wants the 50cm of snow that is due here tomorrow…. I’m thinking of packing up and leaving before it arrives.

4 Responses to No Cluck (or, Cluck You)

  1. Borgio says:

    You know we love you in game star :P Maybe ill grace you with my presence on guild vent this weekend :D

  2. Rao says:

    I always wonder a bit what people would think of me too. Of course, I am so erratic with moving from one topic to something completely different that people might just think I’m addled in general anyway. I sometimes curse horribly on my blog and then turn around and work consciously to keep the swearing out.

    The one or two people from my guild who actually visit my site have asked me on more than one occasion if I actually have someone else writing the site for me because I tend towards the very quiet when I’m online. I’m not shy by any means. I just don’t talk unless I have something to add to a conversation already taking place. I generally won’t start up something new on my own.

    In person, the quieter part of my personality really comes out. Until I know someone, I just tone it way down. Again, I’m not shy. I just tend to be reserved in my comments. I like listening a lot more than I like talking. But, since my board and blog posts tend towards the long-winded, people expect that I am the same way the rest of the time as well. When I don’t turn out that way, they start to wonder if there is someone else behind the scenes.

  3. Tipa says:

    What the cluck… 50cm? Doesn’t Ottawa know it’s spring? Time to move to the states…

    I thought you were pretty imposing the first time I “met” you, I was almost scared really because of how wonderful your blog is and the amazing reputation you had in the EQ2 “blogosphere”. But because you’re so darned friendly, my hero worship changed to something better :)

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