Talk to meeee

Ok, I found a way for people in EQII to talk to me in VG.

Cross game tells work! That’s right..

/tell vgd.seradon.satia

I haven’t figured out yet if I can join cross game channels, but I’m petitioning to figure it out!

3 Responses to Talk to meeee

  1. Lishian says:

    Hopefully, this will give gold sellers a way to sell gold to folks in vanguard from the everquest servers.

  2. Tipa says:

    Or log in to Vanguard and /tell Satia :)

    I must have scared her half to death…

  3. Akely says:

    Might shoot you a tell just to try is out. Been wondering about these features. Nifty, if it really works!

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