I Want to Look Cool, Too!


In pretty much every mmo I’ve played (and no, I have not played many I admit that right now) the ‘cooler’ your armor looks, the better a character you have. This is very apparent when you get into EQII and VG (EverQuest2 / Vanguard) especially. Vanguard more so then most. There’s not many items in the game that have particle effects. When you spot a few items that do, you know they’ve got to be awesome, and you’d be correct almost 90% of the time. Notice me, standing to the right, wearing my drab baby blue cloak, orange and red shoulders, and a collection of mish mash from random quests. I’m very obviously a lowbie. Then, to my left we see “Champion Vashazir” who is decked out in sparklies. His bow is by far one of the coolest graphics I’ve seen for gear in Vanguard, it sparkles like ice. His weapon (a hammer or mace of some sort?) also glows with a purple aura. His armor is dark and foreboding, good for a race that’s a cat and may not seem so intimidating to most creatures out there who just want to point and laugh as they cough up a hairball. I examined him and sure enough he’s wearing raid gear from Ancient Port Warehouse (APW, the one raid area in Vanguard- until today when they release more raid content) so he’s certainly just as ‘uber’ as I thought he was when I looked at him from across the bank.

Now if only Vanguard would fix the font in game, doesn’t that look horrid? I know I can turn names off, but then I can’t really see anyone and that just makes it annoying (for those who are wondering, and I know you are, N is the toggle for names, go figure). The game’s down for at least another two hours, I’ve been checking for UI updates, but I haven’t seen one for Drox yet. I did install CoreUI3 to see how it runs and how I like it compared to DroxUI, which I have not seen an update for yet. If all else fails, I’ll just continue to use default, which is honestly not that bad. I’m just very used to being able to see things a certain way some times. Plus I have my G15keyboard and I’d be lost without it.

The patch notes posted below are great. I see so many good changes. I hope people spend more time praising the 100 new things they’ve added instead of the 5 things that may (will) go wrong. Those notes are proof right there of the changes that are happening in Vanguard. Are these things that should have been fixed at release? Of course they are, but as long as progress is being made (and it very obviously is) I’m happy. Vanguard will never be one of those ‘super power house’ games out there, it won’t compete with WoW for subscribers or even EverQuestII, but there’s still a good niche of players who will flock to it I think. It’s got the potential to gather more still, if SoE plays their cards right. They need a relaunch of the game (which was in the works, but I haven’t heard anything more of it lately) and a lot more fixes. Polish, as it were. In the mean time, I’m still having a blast playing.

If you’re in any SoE games and want to send me a tell, please, feel free to /tell vgd.seradon.satia ! I always love to talk.

2 Responses to I Want to Look Cool, Too!

  1. martin says:

    Must admit the helms look quite nice the one my ranger has on at the moment has a crescent moon piece on each side..

  2. Lishian says:

    I really can’t wait to see what the helms look like. I really wish I had time for EQ2 and Vanguard!

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