Moving On Up


Satia glanced around the dismal forest of Eastpoint, her hands hanging limp at her sides. Blast those halflings! Or dwarves.. or whatever they were who’d moved in next door. The swampy muck under her feet could barely be considered grass any more. The log cabin her neighbour had built was leaning to one side. It was time for this Kojani half elf to return to her roots. Thus it was that Satia packed up her meager belongings and moved to Daegarmo Isle, off the coast of Tsangs Tomb, in Kojan. She’d received a letter refunding her the rest of her house payment, and immediately sought out a prime location to build a new home.

After hours of searching, she’d found it. Located on the top of a giant hill, with the island below her, she could gaze at the other homes as the sun rose (if the sun ever came out, so far she’d seen naught but rain). Crafting was just out her backyard, and a Pegasus vendor sat close by. Ah yes, now THIS would be home. She figured the last limestone house was a little small. Her eyes settled on the plot of land. Granite, that’s all that would do here. Besides, looking to her left was the intimidating guild hall of some clan. There was no way she could compete with that, but she didn’t want to be one of those run down shacks, either.

The construction of the home would be slow going. It’s requirements were greater then the previous. 220 Kojani granite housing bricks, a kojani skarn cornerstone, 22 juniper mortar (which the vendor kept in steady supply), 80 shingles, 100 prime panels, 50 prime beams, 15 mithril fasteners, and 15 vielthread window coverings. Oh yes, this would be quite the project.

What a huge difference between the size of a house, and the size of a guild hall. I’m still proud of my little plot, nestled on the hill. Along the backside of it is the crafting area, a little climb down. There are ruins on the island, and it’s got plenty of character. Most of the plots have been there a while, their homes completely built. I imagine that this one’s owner must have moved on to greener pastures, or maybe their business fell through, allowing the plot to come back up for sale.

Feel free to visit. Chances are I’ll be on the island, crafting, getting my Kojan faction (I need 5,000) in order to learn my brick and cornerstone (and shingle) recipes. That’s the difference between a 2.5g and a 10g plot (no offence to Borgio, who bought the old plot I owned). 10g is close to pretty much everything. Much prettier, and a good excuse to build a T5 house. It was a pain to take everything out of the house though, and store it some place. That includes everything inside of my chests.

4 Responses to Moving On Up

  1. Mythokia says:

    The hill couldn’t have been a better position, nice grand overview of the area you got.

  2. Mayadhros says:

    Looking good. I will have to come visit now that you are not in the boonies anymore. At least, when I can find my way out of misthaven. And when I can afford riftway passage.

    LOVE the location.

  3. wilhelm2451 says:

    I play Vanguard! I know how escrow works!

  4. Tipa says:

    What was that about halflings? I’ll have you know halflings always take care of their house and garden. Must have been a dwarf. Or a gnome!

    I’ll be sure to visit!

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