Now THAT is an ugly Vulmane


Things have been busy lately, so I haven’t had time to update. In game I’ve now hit 45 mineralogist, as well as 33 bloodmage. I’ve also gotten 5,000 faction with the Kojan Artisans which means I learned the T5 granite brick / cornerstone / beams / panels / shingle recipes. Gozad from Safe Haven also gave me the brick manual for Journeyman, which helps a huge amount. It means on houses where I need to make 300 bricks, I can make them 20 at a time instead of 3 at a time (5 at a time next level). I’ve been building a T5 house for Skaara, and myself. One for Gozad in the works, and a T3 house for Growlius.

Speaking of Growlius, above is by far the most amusing glitch I have ever seen. Growlius is my vulmane friend (dog like) and we were doing a quest to incriminate Old Woman Sparrow for treason against Lord Hugo. Hugo gave us all disguises to wear to sneak into the Redsparrow camps un-noticed. How on earth Growlius could be considered to be “un noticed” I’m not sure. None of our faces changed at all with the other outfits, except the poor Vulmane. Tipa, be thankful your eyes don’t look like THAT above. His face is also still fur-covered, which is hard to see from the screen shot. Amusing, to say the least.

We’ve gotten a couple more recruits in guild which is great. Nightly now we have between 10-16 people online. Raids in Vanguard are 18 people only (why so SMALL, gah the population thing takes it’s toll after time) so we are closing in at least on that.

Random pet peeve is people who think classes have to be played a specific way or else you’re not any good at it. Other then that the game has been fantastic thus far. Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll have a post about my new T5 house. Oh, and I’ve decided to level up a carpenter next, go figure.

Safe travels!

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  1. Tipa says:

    I made some eyelids from elm leaves, I’ll make up some extra and send them along. They only stay fresh for a couple of hours but they can get your out of some sticky situations.

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