Pantheon of the Ancients


This weekend the guild was busy, a few new members joined the ranks and we had 14+ people on no matter the time of day. I’m used to being the only one on until noon or so. Kalaso (paladin) Growlius (dreadknight) Photons (sorcerer) and Lanatra (on her sorcerer as well) and I decided to head into the depths of POA (Palace of the awakened? Plane of anguish? Plane of air?) and see if we couldn’t get some quests done. There’s some amazing gear rewards in there- or so I had heard. The group was a little rocky, we’d never really played as a team together. That’s the one thing about Vanguard that’s hard to learn. If you don’t start off leveling in the game with a group, when you finally get one you’re on rocky ground. We killed our way to one quest giver, had a few deaths from a soul eating snake that refused to let us kill her minions, then made it to where the quest was supposed to ambush us with 100 one dot mobs for our updates.

Except the ambush never happened. Apparently POA has been bugged for a long time now, and this GU didn’t fix it. Bleh. So we headed down another alcove, got yet another quest to lead some elder some place (I know, my descriptions are amazing hms?) and when we got to his location- he was also not there.


So we decided to give up on POA (5% experience in four hours of game time is never a good thing) and we headed to the Wardship, which is on Thestra. Have I mentioned lately I love the new rift changes? Well, I do. We spent a little bit of time picking up the quests, needed 30 trogs or some sort. They were on a very long respawn timer and competition showed up, so after finishing only one of the quests the group decided to call it a day. Started doing a few of the quests later on, which also had competition (why not just group up?!) and I spent the rest of the night watching “August Rush” (wow, very inspirational) and completed my T5 house.

That’s right, finally completed a new home for myself. It’s much larger then my previous one, and can hold 5 chests for storage. Screen shots will follow once I get myself settled in. For now furniture is just scattered about as I decide what to keep and what can go. Tonight hopefully I’ll get some more exp, I’m inching up on level 34 and I get a few spells that level.

Was nice to see Tipa poke in game over the weekend as well, didn’t see any of Anakh, saw Borgio quite a bit (uhms, very drunk, might I add) and Mayadhros was there as well later in the evening. Oh, and Lunestra, if you’re reading *waves* and welcome to SH.

2 Responses to Pantheon of the Ancients

  1. Borgio says:

    I dont recall being drunk!!! So I mustve been ^^

    Nice to see you at least try to do some fun stuff hun even if you didnt manage the quests. Hun and I are having a blast since being in Safe Haven, ive yet to treat “heh” you to my voice yet though :P

  2. João Carlos says:

    Pantheon of the Ancients is so bugged that almost no one try it nowdays. The devs never fixed it, IMHO because there are few devs.

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