Tsang’s Tomb


When Vanguard first released last January, this dungeon was pretty much my home- and I still never completed the quests that it involved. I loved it, my first group ran at 4FPS which made it FRUSTRATING to say the least. Now that I’ve got a better computer, and Vanguard itself has done plenty to resolve performance issues, I’m sure I’d enjoy it a lot more. There are chains of quests you do outside of Tsangs first, and then eventually they lead you inside. One small issue with Vanguard is that you can easily out level the content of the game before ever doing those ‘major’ quest lines. The end reward is a pretty nice weapon, one of the best when I first played. Of course now people typically skip this, they move on to HL, URT, CIS (Hunter’s League in Qalia, United Races of Thestra, in Thestra, and Infinium in Qalia). Each one of those chains also rewards you with a very nice weapon. Kojani as a continent is very under used, most people move on to higher content very fast, but when I started.. that was the place to be, for me. I adventured through Tsangs and Blighted woods until level 22, and then moved on to Thestra. To this day I’ve barely done any adventuring in Qalia.

In searching for a new place to level, Growlius and I decided we’d head to Craigwind, which is nestled between huge rocks and dunes. There were at least 20 quests we both picked up, however with adventurers all over the place we were hard pressed to find a little niche to explore and kill at. Not that a bustling population is a bad thing, but slow respawns can be annoying.

I managed to get 70% into my level (33) and I was going to turn in the quests I’d accumulated, but instead figured I’d take a 50% potion, save up all 20 quests, and then turn them all in at the same time.

The carpenter managed to get level 11. I deleted a few alts, and now Minxes will be my carpenter. That leaves me with a leather worker, weapon smith, mineralogist, and carpenter. Four alts is plenty in this game where there are so many spheres to work up and level.

Guild had a meeting last night, but I’ve been some what down with the flue, so I didn’t attend. It didn’t help that it was also starting at 10:30EDT, which is a little too late for me especially when I’m not feeling well. So I went to bed while that went on. I’ll be hosting a scavenger hunt for guildies at the end of this month, that should be a lot of fun. I’m planning prizes like sets of gear / jewelry / houses / diplomacy goodies, and what have you. Nothing too huge, but enough to keep people motivated.

Since last week was GU week, and this week was patch week (while they fix everything they broke with the GU) it’s been… testing, to some. To say the least. One huge issue is that you can’t get the text any more to respec your tradeskill. When they added attribute points as a purchase from crafters, they some how blocked all of their other text, so until that’s fixed it’s quite annoying. Chunks have been up and down most of the week, and latency has been an issue in the evenings. The servers are down right now, and hopefully these are being fixed. It also seems that they at least slowed the dust flow from resource harvesting- to a steady trickle rather then a huge river of dusts. The same can be said for the decon items, which suits me just fine, there were far too many dropping to begin with.

Sales have been slow. Almost non existent actually. I need to find a niche market again when I get back into the swing of crafting. After grinding to 45 and doing my faction as well as housing quests, I’ve taken a small break from it. We’ll see how it goes!

6 Responses to Tsang’s Tomb

  1. stargrace says:

    You’d want to be at least between 16-22 I’d say for inside Tsangs. I know you have to be above that at least to get the quests for the dungeon. The area is filled with four dot meanies who like to bite.. or some such.

    I do have a 22 disciple, 16 warrior, and 14 bard.. Wouldn’t mind getting in there again and maybe actually completing the quests.

  2. Krozath says:

    Is outside Tsangs Lower level. or do I need to be 16 just to get near the place? I would love to go to this place but am only 13 atm. I guess I could grind a few levels, than see if anyone in the guild is interested.

  3. Mayadhros says:

    This is one of my likes/dislikes of Vg.

    So much content that I am missing is a bad thing, because I want to see it. Its a good thing because I will probably create alts specifically to experience it.

  4. Kevin says:

    I’ve got a fledgling 19 paladin that I’d like to run through Tsangs–I’ll try to put something up on the guild forums to see if there’s any interest. The XP lock is great for someone like me who likes to take things slow and see the sights…

    Also, I’ve found that Lunestra has no problem selling non-armor tailoring items. I can endlessly sell 50sp Pristine Cotton Bags, and 1gp Stiff Barding. I figure my market is lower level characters and sell them stuff they’d find useful for a reasonable cost. It seems to work well. That being said, I’m not sure what types of items fall into this category for minos.

  5. stargrace says:

    Tsangs would be ok around 16 or so. :)
    Yes, the potions work for quest turn ins. :D

  6. Tipa says:

    xp potions work on quest turn-ins? Cool!

    Are any of these dungeons appropriate for someone in their mid-teens?

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