Cragwind – LOTS of fun


Growlius and I had picked up about 20 quests in Cragwind the day before, and before turning a single one in- we completed them all. I was close to 34 (and new spells) so I dinged easily enough from kills. 10% into my level (and he his) and we were finished all of the quests. So. Now came the decision. Use a 50% exp potion? Or 100%. I thought about saving them for crafting (I’m 45 now) but I don’t really need them. Aside from sigils, I have no new recipes coming to me for 45+ so it doesn’t matter if I level a little slower. I couldn’t pass by an opportunity like this.

We turned in all our quests and low and behold, went from 10% exp, to 95% exp.

Wow. Nice.

The great thing was that almost every single quest we compelted opened up to yet another quest, so our journal is filled again. I imagine tonight we’ll do the same thing. Complete them all (the potion has a 5h in game timer anyhow) and then turn them all in one lump sum to get the levels we need. So I’m now sitting at level 35 (cheers) as is Growlius. Kalaso has been doing some crazy leveling as well, in fact he stayed up all night last night and managed to get level 36. He just created his paladin two weeks ago, so that’s some fairly hefty leveling. Granted, he’s already got a level 50 ranger, and a 32 bard, so I can hardly fault him, he knows exactly where to go to get the levels.

In the screen shot you can see I haven’t turned off those obnoxious dots above the mobs heads yet. I’m slowly getting used to them. I still don’t know why the named need to be ALL IN CAPS though, honestly, if you can’t tell whether or not something is named you may want to switch games. I made bricks to put for sale, as well as a few jewelry pieces. I want to get enough sigils to upgrade stone weapons as well as expendables, as I hear there’s a pretty nice market for those. The crafting npc are still not fixed so as of yet I can’t switch Arysh over to a weapon smith, but I intend on leveling her and the leather worker still.

Borgio and the Mrs. were in game today, eating up the levels. Mayadhros has been slowly sneaking up as well, always great to see. Today is a holiday in Canada (Good Friday) so a few people that I know are home. I haven’t decided if I’m going to level up my bard or her crafting yet. Either way, safe travels whatever realm you find yourself in today!

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