Tier5 House – Work in Progress

In all the excitement lately, I completely forgot to mention that my house is complete, and has been for a few days now. It’s really lacking furniture, but I’m working up a carpenter to remedy that issue. The broker prices are just too dear to be paying. I’ve switched Minxes over to my carpenter, and during the days I’ll be leveling her and playing her some. In this first screen shot is the Thestran T5 granite fireplace, some floor pillows to the left, and a little basket I filled with bread and cheese to the right. The flames didn’t come with the fireplace, I actually had to buy them separately from the housing merchant, go figure. Eventually I’ll add a seating area, with some couches and maybe even make a tv of some sort. Who knows. I haven’t seen everything that can be crafted yet to make a decision.

The bedroom area is also the area I keep my chests (filled with raws rares and dusts right now). I wanted a method of disguising those boxes on the right hand side, so I added a few pillows propped up in order to make them look more like a bench then a bunch of chests shoved together. The bed itself is sunk into the wall slightly to hide the headboard (which Idid not like) and is one of the veteran rewards players got to claim from their accounts. It’s the leth one. Oh, I almost forgot. The best part of Vanguard housing? You can move objects by the X Y Z and also the Pitch, Yaw, and something else. Which basically means there’s endless methods of moving items. You can move anything in any direction. Turn it, spin it, mount it on the wall, etc. That’s how I got my pillows propped up to actually look like pillows rather then just having them laying flat.

The desk was also a veteran reward, although right now its location is sorta meh, upstairs out of the way. There’s my 5th chest on it (just a Qalia style one) and a little jug, as well as some books. Eventually I want to build a library of sorts for it. My house can hold 250 items and 5 chests, so we’ll just have to see how the decorating goes.

Each continent has a significant style difference, the Thestran style here is nothing like the Kojani style pictured above. The Qalian styled homes are even more unique, with a very distinctive Arabian flare. I still love the way housing is set out in Vanguard. It’s as though you own a little piece of the game, rather then some zone some place. It does mean things like buying from a person’s home is not exactly a viable option (after all, how do you figure out which house on a plot is theirs? There’s so many of them) but I enjoy it none the less. I’ve built quite a few homes now for guild mates, and I’ve yet to hear any complaints. The rent for this house is 60s a week, a 10g plot (all plots on Kojan are 10g) so it’s a great deal for me. I’ve got 5 40-slot chests in the house, one housing supplies for each tier.

I’ll post more screen shots as I continue decorating, I have plans of a kitchen in the front entrance beneath the stairs, as well as the sitting area by the fire place, and I’m not sure about upstairs yet. A library for sure and perhaps a second bedroom area. Anyone who knows me understands how much of a fanatic I can be about housing! It’s almost a shame that I can only own one house per account.

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