Beautiful Weekend


What a surprise Friday night when I get a tell in Vanguard from none other then Cordanim himself! I’ve known him for a few years now (three I think..) so of course it was wonderful to hear from him in game. After figuring out what he wanted to play, I suggested (he’ll call it harassed) he join Safe Haven, and last night I tossed him an invite to the guild before he headed off to decorate Easter eggs with his little ones.

I was actually busy with other things yesterday and didn’t get to spend much time in game, instead enjoying some wonderful crab curry and chocolate cake. The malls were busy since Friday was a holiday, Sunday is a Holiday, and in some places, so is Monday. I watched some more of Inukami (wonderful anime sent to me by Growlius) and pondered what to do in game that wouldn’t take up too much time. Faydai is sitting a little into her level, and I’ll probably manage to get one today.

I decided to set up a brotherhood between a few of my own characters. This requires a third party to do the inviting (as you have to be online to invite) but it also insures a few things. Number one, what a brotherhood does is split all adventure experience (this includes quest experience) between anyone in the brotherhood. It’s a way to insure you don’t out level your friends (or content for that matter) if you like to play a little extra. By putting two of my own characters in it (my bard and my psionicist) they will both essentially level at the same time. Yes, it will be twice as slow, but they’ll both get the experience. Which means if I played my bard to 50, the psionicist would also be level 50 via the brotherhood. This is a good way to stretch the content a little more as well, and not out level everything. I find that I missed a lot of dungeons, and quest areas. In a brotherhood I have twice as long to enjoy everything. At later levels I may consider adding a third character of mine to it (there is a level range involved) and level up three characters that way. A few people consider it ‘cheating’ but I think it’s a way to optimize my characters and playing habbits. Besides, it’s a unique feature that Vanguard specifically offers people to partake in.

So I’ve been playing my bard (who is a lot of fun) decided I don’t quite enjoy the warrior (but I won’t delete her due to her craft levels and a few other things) I’ve got a little necromancer who will probably just sit there for a bit doing nothing, and of course my main. Vanguard is still not without its bugs, and I don’t pretend other wise, but I’m having a lot of fun none the less. Community, is key, as always.

I’ll be hosting a guild event at the end of this month and I’m excited about that. A scavenger hunt of sorts for people of all levels. Monday I’m also going to be starting my forum contests for small prizes for guild mates, to try and motivate them to get into the habit of reading the forums at least on a weekly basis. We post all of our events up there, and it’s important to check them out. It also adds to the ‘family’ feel of the guild. How can you get to know anyone after all without getting involved.

Happy Easter to everyone out there, and safe travels no matter what realm you find yourself playing in today!

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