Where’s my mummy..


Telon is huge.

That’s the ever lasting thought in my mind this morning as I play. Last night Growlius and I were doing quests in Cragwind. There happens to be a nice weapon one (which is also the hardest quest I have ever encountered thus far) that was broken. So in went a petition, 5 minutes later along came a GM who updated the quest for us (the first part, don’t get me wrong here they didn’t DO the quest for me). Then they turned both of us into zombie, and went on their way. How.. cute.

The quest requires us to farm 500 metal shards that have a 40% chance or so to drop from Cyclops in Cragwind. The problem is that these mobs are also mixed in with other rock guys who don’t drop the shards. We were up to 30 or so last night after a few hours. Wow, this weapon better be worth it (I already know it’s not, Greystone is better and it’s not that far away level wise).

This morning I hopped onto my psionicist who was restored a few days ago, now that she’s working properly. Did some adventuring around Tsangs Tomb, which I haven’t done in a year. I’ve got to say I still absolutely love the Kojan continent. Once I hit level 16, I was astounded by all of my leveling options. I just never realized how huge Telon is. With the revamp of the riftway system came along rift quests. The rewards are pies that last for an hour, and give you a 10% boost in experience. I have 15+ of these on me now (wish they stacked). They basically send you to areas that are your level range, so that you can figure out where to quest next. Not sure where to go? Stop by a rift, chances are he has a few suggestions.

At level 16, the ones offered to me just off the top of my head (because I’d never heard of most) were Sundering Wastelands, Qa Riverbank, Temple of Dailuk, Three Rivers, Kaon’s Rush, Renton Keep, Veksal’s Exchange, Ksaravi Gulch, and Tauthien Delta. These are just lowbie chunks. I can hardly begin to imagin how large Telon must really be if they offer all these types of areas for every few levels. It’s great. There’s no way leveling up I’d be able to see all of it on one character without either out leveling the content, or turning off my experience, or belonging to an inactive brotherhood. It’s just great to see.

Crafting, well. I’ve been busy with guild orders. Good and bad. I don’t mind crafting for the guild, however, some times I feel as though new members take advantage of the fact that there are high level crafters in their guild. I most certainly do not charge guild mates (aside the cost of materials if they don’t supply them) and making 300 bricks for someone who JUST joined can at times grate on my nerves. Those older members who do craft typically toss a little coin my way, or some supplies in return, which I appreciate and admire. They understand the pain that is ‘vanguard crafting’ (as much as I adore it, it IS still a pain). Recruitment has been steady, we’ve added 3-6 new people every week for the past two months or so. At least there’s sign of growth.

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  1. Ellyra says:

    Glad to see you’re enjoying Vanguard! I’ve messed around with various starting areas, and I have to agree that Kojan has some of the best content for lower level adventurers.

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