Crafting the Day Away


The bad thing about down time in any mmo (for me at least) is that I typically switch off to another mmo while it’s happening. That of course starts a snowball effect, and before you know it I’ve switched games (again). Which is what I can already see happening here. I’ve been playing Vanguard steady for two months, I hadn’t even logged into EQ2 since the day the crafting epics went live. I’ve always said EQ2 is “home” though. So when I logged in yesterday it was no surprise.

I managed to catch Tipa online, and remembered how much I miss being able to join the bloggers channel (/join antonia_bayle.bloggers in case you forget what the channel name is!) as we chattered away about random topics. Guild mates were talking about American Idol which of course brings me back to the whole stalking Tipa incident. How I’ve missed it!

So I decided to get back into the swing of things on EQ2. Full time? Who knows. Don’t get me wrong here, I love Vanguard, I really do. EQ2 is always home though. I have tried to play more then one game at a time and I typically fail utterly at it, so we’ll see how it goes. I decided to work on my carpenter a little bit. I left her at level 30 (level 77 coercer) and the housing thing has always been a big pull for me. Besides, there were all these new pretties that I haven’t seen yet in game. I’m eager to get some levels and see what I can make. The faction portion won’t be an issue to me, because the coercer is also an adventurer. I can see how some low level crafters may have a complaint (or two) about all the writs they have to grind out.

However. After playing Vanguard, grinding out writs for faction is nothing, verses grinding out work orders in order to get rare sigils (and faction) to buy recipes. This is a cake walk.

I think an interesting concept would be to have coin gain interest if you put it in your bank over time. Maybe just a small tiny amount, but any amount. Currently there’s no reason for me to put coin in the bank at all (and WHY do we not have a shared coin slot??) aside from maybe trying to convince myself not to spend it (out of sight, out of mind philosophy). Even if the amount of interest you gained back, was based by over all sales on the broker or something. Interesting concepts I think. I understand they’re not that simple to implement, but I think it would be fun.

I’m a pack rat. It was great to look at all the stuff I’ve stored over time, and try to organize it all. I have over 200p now and really nothing to spend it on. I cut down some alts, and since I’ve only got one account instead of two (sighs, second one is just sitting there unused now, if you have a suggestion for me for it let me know!) I feel much more relaxed. I have a baby monk and swashbuckler to play, as well as my higher level coercer and templar. All four characters will craft (eventually) but for now things are quiet as I get back into the game. It’s not as though I’ve forgotten to play, I haven’t been gone THAT long after all, but there’s always things for me to pick up on again (what does VOE stand for again…) and friends of course to chatter to along the way.

So look for me on the bloggers channel, and say hello. Chances are I’ll be peeking into EQ2 again a little more frequently then Vanguard. NOT that I am giving either game up at the moment, but it’s always nice to be back.

4 Responses to Crafting the Day Away

  1. Tipa says:

    I promise, I will be playing VG this weekend :) Last weekend (all week, really) was just very busy.

  2. stargrace says:

    Unfortunately, I am the opposite with the alt thing. These are my (current) characters in EQ2.. granted, my 2nd account is closed at the moment..

    80 Troubador – 64 weaponsmith – 350 (max) tinkerer
    80 Warden – 80 Woodworker – 350 (max) transmuter (closed)
    77 Coercer – 32 Carpenter
    74 Illusionist – 80 Provisioner
    73 Templar – 80 Jeweler
    57 Necromancer – 80 Sage
    54 Assassin – 60 Alchemist
    38 Brigand – 40 Armorer (closed)
    38 Monk – 38 Carpenter (closed)

    And there are probably 4-5 more that I just can’t remember…
    3 alts in EQ2 is not an alt-oholic. =p
    I admit, I may have a problem. =p

  3. Openedge1 says:


    Is it just me, or am I not an Alt-oholic…?
    I have 3 alts in EQ2…so would that count?
    I tried to make a 4th once…Played him to level 10 and now he sits…yet, I have one guildie who has made 12 in one month and none are above level 40…!

    Isn’t it funny that I start Vanguard because of everyone saying how much better it is than it use to be…then everyone leaves?
    I really did put on my anti-flaming troll posting deodorant…darnit!!

  4. Tipa says:

    First thing Stargrace did in EQ2?

    Make another alt.


    Welcome back home :)

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