Tipa’s New Job


Tipa may have said she was writing at Massively now, but I know the truth… (She’s the short one, in case you’re not sure, or are blinded by the bright colours) As a heads up, the Bristlebane quests don’t seem to be given by these friendly folks here. I’m off to check Enchanted lands, and see if they have any news there. I’ve seen the items linked in chat now, and of course, being house items, I MUST have them.

*note* I’ve been told to look outside the cities for the quests- so off to Commonlands I go!

Outside the cities, will be one sad little halfling spouting off crazy talk about the gods, and needing protection from them. I haven’t completed the quest yet (freeport version may be bugged?) but so far it’s… interesting.

3 Responses to Tipa’s New Job

  1. Crookshankz says:

    I did mine Sunday and it went off smoothly.

  2. Ogerbears says:

    People on my server have been saying that the freeport vertion of the quest is broken. Just a heads up.

  3. Tipa says:

    Curses! Found me!

    I could not find anyone on Test who knew where the quests were given :P The patch notes weren’t helpful, they just said “in the cities”.

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