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I finally finished my jeweler epic last night, thanks to the help of Gholdmoon, one of my good friends in EverQuestII. She’s one of a few who are attempting to get ALL the epics for all 9 crafters, and finished off two more last night. I needed four more pieces, two of which she made for me, and two which I asked around for. The only disappointing portion of the whole ordeal was the lack of help from other crafters. I’d asked a few times if anyone could help me with the final two pieces I needed and gotten no reply at all. But as soon as I threw some coin into the deal (5p.. I know that’s a lot but what else was I going to do with the money) I instantly got tells. I know how these things work, and I knew adding some coin to the offer would get me results. Even though I was supplying all rares. One of the two who did the combine for me DID mail the coin back as I made his portion as well- and for that I thank him. The earring is very nice, the cloak is just stunning on any halfling alive though, I’ve got to admit. Now I just need to find an outfit that will match the purple from the cloak. I like the unique look of these cloaks, and along with the scroll case above, this was one happy halfling. You also get a title “Master Jeweler” for example, was mine. You get 1 of each T8 rare- though honestly I’d rather have been reimbursed for the T5 rares I used since their prices have shot up so much. I’d love to do this quest on my other crafters, but because they’re all split between servers right now I doubt it’ll happen any time in the near future.

Aside from the crafting epic, I managed to finish the new Bristlebane Day quests, which was indeed bugged on the Freeport side. The quest starts outside the major cities, a distraught halfling will be screaming about the gods coming after them, in Commonlands by the West Freeport Gate (down the path a bit) in Antonica outside the South Freeport Gate (by a tent, you’ll see the flashing quest light) also in Gorowyn and Darklight Woods. The quest is cute and amusing- more so if you can get the quest to actually work. It worked fine on the Qeynos version for me, but I could not get the gnoll to spawn that I needed in the Commonlands. At the end Bristlebane himself (or a representation there of) comes and tells you it was all a joke, and hands you some house items.

Mmm house items. The pot is amusing, especially if you turn it on. Very bright. On the same note, have you taken a look at your fire place flames lately? The new “foolish” option is interesting to say the least. Must be some crazy gnome invention of fire proof paper.

I managed to ding the carpenter to 35, though I’m running out of vitality fast. I do have all sorts of experience potions which I may take advantage of. I just want to get out of this tier and into the next one. I also want to get some adventuring in since it’s been so long. That will more then likely have to wait until another day though, we’ll see how it goes. A few friends keep talking to me about pre-ordering WAR, but I honestly am not sure that I have any interest in playing. Meh. I’ve hit another one of those “restless” stages. Not sure what I want to play or do, or what direction I’m really headed in any more. Happens, though.


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  1. Fribles Fate the little rat will spawn at -330, -47, -289 just outside the crossroads to your left heading to the spires

    hope it helps you out : ))

  2. Very nice! Hopefully one of these days, I’ll get to do that quest myself. I get so easily distracted when it comes to tradeskilling though. I’ll do 2 or 3 levels for one tradeskiller and then drop him for a week or so to work on another one. I’m on a pace to have all 9 tradeskills ready to start epics in about 4 more years. :)

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