Relaxing in Azeroth

Today is Tuesday, which means patch day for World of Warcraft, which is a good thing for me. Yesterday I think I barely played three hours total even though I did sit afk in game while I had some other things going on in real life. There’s talk of Gozad starting up a guild, which would be great for the people who we all know play there, as just a general tool to talk back and forth with and keep up to date on leveling progress. I’ve no doubt that this weekend may see the first instance run (or two?) and I’m looking forward to those.

Last night Zokor and myself didn’t get much leveling done since some bad scallops had me out of commission early but we’ve been having fun in the Ghostlands. The land is a little dark and drab for my liking (or perhaps it’s just because I’ve played a whole lot of lowbie blood elves over time) and I’m looking forward to moving on some place else. We got our first real look at the two elite guys who roam through the Ghostlands, we need them for a quest eventually (when we can handle them). I still have high hopes of playing my priest when people catch up, in the mean time the warlock is a lot of fun. Zokor hit level 16, and I managed to cling to 17.

I’ve been having fun playing the market game as well. I have three characters, one is a jeweler / alchemist, another is a tailor / enchanter, and the third smelts / does herbalism, which feeds the first one with supplies. Anything extra I typically send to friends and put up on the auction house. I’ve got about 52g right now – and I know that’s not a lot of money at all, but I’ve never had *that* much money in Azeroth. I’ve had enough at one point or another for two mounts for my level 40 characters and of course enough for spells. I do have a few other characters on other servers, but they’re alliance characters so I don’t typically play them.

Anyone remember the name of the map mod that used to tell you what areas were good for your level and what dungeons? I think it was locationFU but I could be wrong. I want to pick that up again and see what’s suggested, because there’s so much I forget now. So if anyone has some UI mods that they use and like particularly, let me know! Right now I’m using auctioneer, xperl, bongos, and atlas. Three essential for me. Since I’m not raiding I don’t need the big hefty mods, and I haven’t really delved into much pvp or anything yet.

The down side is that when there’s a game update the mods grow out of date, but so far I haven’t had too many issues. 2.4 just came out and most of the mods at had been updated for that at least.

Tonight hopefully both Zokor and myself will hit level 18, which is new spell time (woots). I know I have more quests for pets (I think?) coming up. I wonder if my trainer will give it to me or if it’s one of those hidden quests I actually have to find out about on my own. Either way, I suppose I’ll figure it out!

2 Responses to Relaxing in Azeroth

  1. Mallika says:

    The mod is called LocationFU, yeah. :)

  2. Ardwulf says:

    Huh. Weirdly enough, I’ve switched to WoW as well for the time being, although I’m playing on Kirin Tor.

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