It’s all about the troll juju


Warlock hit level 18 last night before I decided that I really didn’t want to play a dps class. WoW is one of those games where I know what I want to play. It’s always the same classes. A priest, a hunter, and a druid. In that order. Unfortunately the only druid I can make is a tauren, and I didn’t want to make another priest since mine is simply waiting for people to catch up in levels (I’ve had her a good while now). So I created Qutey, the moo cow druid. Now I need to catch her up to the rest of my friends on my limited play schedule. Ugh, pressure.

Well, not really pressure. My friends have been told about my limited play time schedule, and have been exceptionally supportive. I typically play in a group from 7pm-10pm and for the next night or two instead of playing in my usual group I’ll try to catch my druid up. Right now she’s sitting at level 5. It shouldn’t take too long at all to get to level 10, and then level 15. We’ll see how it goes.

So last night Zokor and I traveled to some tombs and had to collect troll juju. We also did a nice escort quest which is something I miss in other mmos. It seems like a majority of quests are Kill X number of Y mobs, and it’s nice to have a different type thrown in there. Though the npc was VERY slow as she meandered her way through the dusty setting, unaware that Zokor and I were fighting tooth and claw just in front of her to make sure her next step would be safe.

  • Her: Lala, isn’t it such a lovely day for a walk through this dank and musty tomb…
  • Us: *grunts and sounds of battle* Yes, yes, whatever you say Miss, could you PLEASE hurry it along just a LITTLE? *more sounds of troll guts hitting the wall*
  • Her: Ohh, LOOK! A zombie! *Squeels of excitement*
  • Us: *sounds of troll heads hitting the floor as we groan*

That’s basically how the night went. I still had fun none the less. Gozad has worked a branch of the Safe Haven guild onto Ravenholdt (there is another branch on Uther, but that server is PvE, and we wanted a PvP alternative) so members can keep in touch, and it was nice to chatter to Tazikor and Zevad last night. We should have a nice little group set up (pretty much all of us are waiting on WAR) with a warrior, paladin, priest, hunter, and either a mage or a shaman depending on what Tazikor decides to play. There’s always room for more, too, if anyone wants to stop by. I’m certainly not there as often as I was (that’s a GOOD thing, remember?) but the company is always nice, and we’re still low enough that no one should feel like they have to ‘catch up’.

It’s nice to feel so relaxed, I admit.

2 Responses to It’s all about the troll juju

  1. stargrace says:

    My priest is level 33 (and stagnant until others get to her level)

  2. Mayadhros says:

    Getting that WoW itch bad now….god I am such a lemming :>

    I do miss WoW though. How high is your priest?

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