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Last night Gozad managed to convince some Safe Haven folks from the PvE server to help us sign our charter on the PvP server – and within a few moments, we were members of “Unsafe Haven” the rp / pvp branch. We don’t expect to be a large guild, but while there are 5 of us (give or take) all playing on the same server, it’s nice to have guild options available. I paid 10g to have a tabard  made up, and Gozad picked out a design that I think is pretty nice. The white tower representing a ‘safe haven’ of sorts. I bought everyone a round of the shirts for 90s each, and then went to figure out how much guild banking would cost.

100g each tab of banks, and there are 6 tabs. Ok. I think not. I’m not THAT rich in game, sure I’ve played on the server off and on for a little while now, but I’ve barely gathered together 70g (less now that I’ve spent some to get things done) and that was mostly going towards my mount when I hit level 40. So the banks will have to wait for now. A nice money sink on Blizzards part, it’s not an impossible task (I know money comes easily at later levels) and we’ll get it eventually.

Last night I managed to get 19 on the warlock, Zokor got 18. I was a little disappointed to hear that one of the guild members has a friend / family member leveling for them since they “just don’t have the time” to play. Come on now, it’s world of warcraft, how much time do you actually need in order to get anywhere in the game. So that was one let down. Then two members proceeded to have a conversation about how they would run money transfer services (for real life money of course) and power leveling (for real life coin, of course) and numerous other ‘iffy’ issues that revolved around mmos and made me sort of frown. I don’t mean to seem all high and mighty, but conversations like that just rub me the wrong way. I asked the two members if they could take the conversation to tells, but in typical male format, they decided to question me about why it bothered me, and continued on for a bit longer while I decided to just keep quiet. I don’t want to control anyones conversations, it’s just a few things get me riled up. So yeah, it was probably best that I just step away.

I helped Zokor get his shiny new sword from the ‘final’ ghostlands quest with my 33 priest, there was a line up of people all waiting to get their weapons as well. A 57 warlock made short work  of the named before a 70 rogue wandered in to take their guild mate through. Zokor and I finally got our chance at the named and he walked away with a nice new two handed sword (blue). My warlock doesn’t really need hers, since I will be switching, probably to my hunter around 23, and to the priest of course at 33. I am excited about this whole ‘casual’ gaming. It’s a lot of fun.

I’m also excited about the scavenger hunt I’ll be running in Vanguard on the 5th. There are about 20 people signed up and I hope everyone can make it. I have some good prizes for folks (since my account expires on the 9th) and I think they’ll get to know their fellow Vanguard Safe Haven guild mates, which is never a bad thing.

A huge congratulations to Siege on Najena in EQ2 as well, they finally defeated the Veeshan’s Peak encounter that gave 6 people their mythical last night – assassin, troubador, and wizard. Very well done, and hard earned.

2 Responses to Unsafe Haven – Ravenholdt

  1. Cordanim says:

    Looks like you’re having fun which is the main thing :)

    Would love to see that Veeshan’s Peak encounter – would be very cool, I’m sure! :)

  2. Mallika says:

    The guild bank tabs cost is much, much worse actually. Prices start at 100g , then increases for the next tabs to 250g, 500g, 1000g, 2500g, and finally to 5000g. Can you say ‘EEEK!!’? :)

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